Bookshelf: To Have & To Hold – Magical Wedding Bouquets

To Have & Hold – Magical Wedding Bouquets

The Basics
An entire book dedicated to wedding bouquets – creative, absolutely not run of the mill, fabulous bouquets!

The book has only four chapters:

Beyond that, each chapter has smaller sections on various featured flowers. Each flower is seasonally appropriate and generally available during the season they are featured under. A great place to start if you have no idea what is available in the middle of winter for your New Year’s Eve wedding or the middle of summer for your 4th of July extravaganza!

The Good
After a little discussion on the background and history of each featured flower come the pictures! The designers are very talented and did a nice job featuring each flower while pulling in unique accents to compliment and showcase them. I love that each bouquet is accompanied by notes on the typical costs associated with the pictured bouquet and information on the individual flowers in each one! How many times have you seen something you liked in a magazine and then spent way too long trying to figure out what flowers they used? They also spend time on various stem treatments – one of those wedding details that I love that is too often overlooked.

The Not Quite As Good and The Bad
Honestly, not much. I would have liked more bouquets but that being said, the book is over 200 pages long so there are a ton of ideas in there! I can see some brides being turned off by the amount of color shown – it is a very bright, colorful book. White is not the predominate color in this book so if you are afraid of color, might not be the best place to start for ideas.

All in All
Great book, great ideas. I don’t know many brides that would be unable to find something they love among the pages.

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