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InStyle Weddings

The Basics
Officially published on January 3, 2006, although I would swear I saw copies in the bigger chain stores prior to Christmas. This is a coffee table style book, heavy on the eye candy versus offering truly practical advice – of course, since when was basing your wedding on what celebs do considered practical?

The book is divided into broad stroke sections including:
The Ring
The Invitation
The Dress
The Flowers
The Cake
The Photography
The Wedding Party
The Ceremony
The Reception
The Registry

The book also includes profiles of celebs weddings. Which given the current state of divorce in Hollywood, I was surprised to notice that there were more couples featured who are still together versus divorced.

The Good
This book has a fabulous section on styles of rings, cuts of diamonds and different options beyond the classic (and still fabulous) solitaire. It also gives a nice crash course in invitations and other paper accessories like escort cards and menus. The pictures are fabulous and if you like to see glimpses into other people’s weddings (bearing in mind that these other people spent more on their weddings than most people in the US make in a year) then this is the book for you. Follows the same lines as the magazine – fun to look at with lots of pretty things.

The Not Quite As Good
My biggest complaint is they didn’t included info on transportation or videography, both of which can be a very important part of the day. As far as what they did include, the chapter on flowers is definitely eye candy and there are some unique bouquets featured, I would have liked to see more! The things that modern designers are doing with mixing flowers and colors is amazing and they could have included more of those ideas.

The Bad
When you consider the size, complexity and style of the weddings profiled in this book, you must realize that the far majority of these couples had a wedding coordinator. Nowhere in the book (granted, I have not read every single word) is the role of the WC mentioned. I know this book is for people who might not be able to afford the celeb style wedding but this just reinforces the myth that the WC is a luxury versus what it truly is these days, an affordable necessity.

All in All
Good book if you are interested in having it around after the wedding – otherwise the $45 price tag would be money not well spent.

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