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Blog Policies for Weddings Unveiled…the life of a wedding planner

To make this as clear as possible: this blog is not pay for play. Any company, product, item, person, animal, mineral or vegetable that may be featured or mentioned is because we like their work, appreciate their business practices or just think they are super cool. Not because they paid us to feature them – we do not and will not accept compensation of ANY kind for our posts.

Privacy and Visitor Tracking
We value your privacy as much as you do and because of that, any information that is collected via comment or email will not be shared with anyone without your express permission. No worries, we aren’t selling any of the information to anyone and won’t in the future. and track visitor information including but not limited to linking site, IP address, visitor location and movements through the site. This is purely for our information and is not shared with any third parties.

All comments are held in moderation for approval – we do this because we got sick of people spamming us. We approve any and all comments unless they contain obvious spam, link to a spam website or are purely promotional in nature.

We reserve the right to ban anyone from our website and refuse service to anyone at any time.

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