Andy + Chris: 06.17.05

My baby cousin, Andrew, is married. Okay, so he is 24 and in the Army but he will always be my baby cousin!

Anyway, we flew into Raleigh on Thursday and went straight to the hotel where we met up with my parents. The 4 of us went out to dinner but not before Molly and Damon stopped by to say hello. (reminder: M&D are in the army and deployed in Baghdad. They were able to take leave to coincide with her brother’s wedding) Both of them are doing great – better than I would after 6 months in Iraq.

Molly and Damon were still on a different timezone so when they came down to ‘crash the party’ at 7:15 on Friday morning, we forgave them. Molly and I went to the salon for a mani/pedi and to get our hair straightened – a bit of a tradition, we have gone to the spa/salon before each wedding in the family. The rest of the day the family just hung out and enjoyed each other’s company.

The wedding began at 6 pm and Andrew looked very handsome, Chris looked beautiful. It was a small wedding – about 40 people or so. Everything was lovely. Some pictures – no normal pictures of Randy and I, they just did not turn out well!

The lovely bride and groom – welcome to the family, Chris!

Molly and Damon

Jenny, Molly and I – or as Andy calls us, “The Sisters” – we are stairsteps. Jenny is the oldest, then a year later I was born and then the next year was Molly. Some people guess that Molly and I are sisters because in person we actually look more alike than Molly and Jenny do, but in reality, I am the cousin.

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