A funny thing happened…

…on the way to the Apple store.

After my little vent yesterday about HP, I got a call from Best Buy saying they are throwing out my computer. “Junking it” is how they term this. This makes me terribly happy – allow me to explain why:

About 3 years, I bought a shiny new laptop from Best Buy. I am not the biggest fan of the place but they had a really good deal and it was becoming clear I needed my own computer for EDEP. Randy and I discussed buying the extended warranty, not something we normally do because most of the time they are a rip off. Well since I was going to be taking it on the road with me to client meetings and such, we decided to go ahead and get it.

$300, 3 years and several trips for repairs later, I am certainly glad I did!

The first problem I had with it was the sound card wouldn’t work. There was a short in it that rendered it useless – the only way to hear anything was to press down as hard as I could on the right hand side of the computer. Makes trying to listen to music ever so much fun and looks pretty stupid too.

I ignored that until I started to notice that my battery would not hold a charge, when it wasn’t plugged in I had maybe 20 minutes before it died. This was not a problem since I mainly used it at home, where it was always plugged into the adapter – until the jack for the adapter stopped working. In order to get it to take a charge, I had to fold the adapter cord over basically in half at the connection and pull it as hard as I could to the right to get the jack to realize that the adapter was there at all.

My little laptop got sent off for repair and came back ‘good as new’ about 3 weeks later. That was the first time I was thankful that I had bought the extended warranty.

The laptop was back with me for maybe 1 week when I got the first blue screen of death – you know the one I mean, the one that says ‘physical memory dump beginning’ and causes your blood to run cold. Yep, that was horrifying. The hard drive lived another 2 days and then there was a pop (that was the adapter blowing up, literally), then a small spark (God only knows what that was), then me throwing the adapter on the floor of the kitchen (seemed like a good place to throw it), some clicking (the death throes of a hard drive), then the hard drive gave up the ghost.

I lost a bunch of work, nearly all my emails and had a serious case of heartburn.

They sent my laptop off for repair AGAIN and it came back “good as new.” Second time I was glad I had bought the warranty.

We moved into the new house here in Columbus and set up the desktop and wireless router in the basement. I began to notice that I could be sitting on the couch next to Randy, his laptop would have every bar – no trouble picking up the wireless signal. My laptop would have 1 bar and I couldn’t get it to connect half the time. Obviously my wireless card was dying.

As a final insult on top of the aforementioned injuries, the hinges on my laptop gave out. Now, my understanding was that laptops are supposed to stay open when on your lap. Mine would slam shut or flop completely open – they aren’t supposed to do that. I had to prop it open using a really ridiculous ribbon tied around it. So professional, let me tell you.

So, for the 3rd and final time, my little laptop went back to the shop to be fixed and I was told they would try to fix it but with this many problems they may just junk it. As it turns out the poor laptop is going to its final resting place.

Why am I happy about this?

Since they couldn’t repair it and it was under warranty, I get a new one. The people at the store told me to wait until the 30th because Windows Vista is coming out as are many of the new machines. So, I get to pick out a brand new laptop very soon. It will probably not be a Mac but I am okay with that for now as I am not paying anything for it.

Sometimes, every once in a while, it pays to buy the extended warranty.

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