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10 Years!

Monday, February 24th, 2014


10 years!  According to the Secretary of State, I launched Emilie Duncan Event Planning on February 24, 2004.  What a crazy 10 years of changes, growth, set backs triumphs and most of all, JOY!  We’ve done lots of weddings, worked with incredible couples, and have more than a few wild stories – most of which I will not by sharing to protect the innocent, the not-so-innocent and the completely crazy!  I’ve also been lucky enough to met amazing people who I cannot imagine my life without – people I would not know if not for my little event planning firm.

Consider this post a giant love note to everyone who has supported me along the way!

To my clients: thank you so much to all the couples and families who have trusted me to help them plan their wedding or event – your trust and support means the world to me.  It’s been an honor!

One of my fabulous interns created this so the pictures are not in order by year, month, preference – nada!  She just put it together randomly!

{This is many of my clients from the last 10 years but not all. If you aren’t on here, I don’t have a picture so send me one!}EDEP Collage Resized

To my assistants: you work your tails off to make it all happen for our couples and I am so lucky to have and to have had you by my side, backing me up!  You are the bestest minions in the whole wide world!

To my ‘co-workers’ – all the other hardworking and dedicated wedding and event pros making dreams come true in this crazy industry: thank you for being incredible partners, supporters, and friends!  You know who you are and I’m so happy to be on the same team as you and thankful you have my back.

To my friends and family: thank you for still loving me even though you have to work around my crazy schedule and be willing to change your wedding date so I can attend (true story!), move vacations, have girl’s night out on a Tuesday and generally support the heck out of me!

Finally and most importantly – to my husband and my beautiful daughters: thank you for your patience, your support, your free labor, and your love.  Not one day goes by that I don’t count you three as my most incredible blessings and the loves of my life.  AML, AML!


I will end on a cliche/trite/overused statement but it sums up what I am feeling today: I am blessed beyond measure to be able to do what I love and to have built the business and life I love.

We’ve got lots of fun coming up in the next few weeks including some recaps of all those weddings – first dance songs, all the cakes and bouquets from past weddings, and some other fun things including a new website!

Here’s to the next 10 years and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Catherine + Brad: 12.31.13

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

{We’re showing off our gorgeous weddings from the last two years in anticipation of our 10th anniversary tomorrow and we’re doubling up today!  Too many weddings to recap before our anniversary!!!}

Catherine and Brad came to me with plans for an intimate, candlelit New Year’s Eve wedding at the Hilton Downtown and their ideas translated beautifully!

They wanted people to have a great time mingling and enjoying a pre-ceremony cocktail hour – since this was New Year’s Eve and the party was going to go later than normal for obvious reasons, the ceremony started later than normal as well.  We had all the trappings of a traditional cocktail hour, we just did it prior to the ceremony.  My favorite part was the jaw dropping photo booth backdrop of giant paper flowers all hand made by the bride, her mom and friends.  Just stunning!

Catherine told me that the ceremony space was very important – as she said, it was only going to be 20 to 30 minutes but it was 20 to 30 of the most important and special minutes of her life!  They wanted the ceremony space to be soft, serene, calm, and cocoon-like with soft lighting, lots of candles and a beautiful focal point.  We did low lighting, a crystal and flower backdrop with a fabric runner on the ceiling.  Candles and flower petals created the aisle.  It was everything they had hoped it would be and I loved that Catherine didn’t want to see it until the moment the doors opened for her walk down the aisle – she trusted we would get it right!

Right after the ceremony guests went across the hall into the beautiful reception space.  Purple up lighting gave the room a gorgeous glow.  Each table had a picture from different couples from Catherine and Brad’s families.  The table numbers were in the form of clocks that were stopped at the corresponding times – 1 o’clock was Table 1.  Flowers on Orchard Lane did multiple vases of flowers and candles on each of the tables and Jan Kish’s cake sparkled in the room.

Catherine and Brad did their first dance to “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve and then Catherine changed into a short cocktail dress for the rest of the party.  We welcomed 2014 with gold streamers and champagne and then the guests headed to the High Street bridge overpass for the after party.

It was a wonderful way to end 2013 and start 2014 – we were honored to have been a part of this and all our weddings!

Thanks to Adam Cairns and Lyndsey Braun for the photos!

photo77  photo72

















photo17  photo7




















Wedding Planner: Emilie Duncan Event Planning
Photography: Adam Cairns and Lyndsey Braun
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Hilton Downtown Columbus
Reception Music: Buckeye DJ
Flowers: Flowers on Orchard Lane
Cake: Jan Kish
Invitations: Igloo Letterpress
Rentals: Event Source

That’s it!  That’s 2 years of weddings in less than a month!  A HUGE thanks to all the gorgeous couples and families we’ve worked with over the last 2 years and the 8 before that.


Emily + Eric: 10.26.13

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

{We’re showing off our gorgeous weddings from the last two years in anticipation of our 10th anniversary on February 24 and we’re doubling up today!  Too many beautiful weddings to share!}

I’ve known Emily for several years – she was the maid of honor in her sister Megan’s wedding back in 2011.  Emily is also Allison’s sorority sister – Columbus is such a small town!  Anyway, I was thrilled to hear from Emily when Eric proposed!  I knew when I first met him that these two are perfectly suited for each other – they’re both old souls but belong in a Disney fairy tale.  Those who know them, know exactly what I mean!

Emily and Eric wanted a soft, vintage feel with vintage books, beautiful flowers, and lace touches.  I’d say we accomplished the look they were going for – it was simply lovely!  This was also another purple wedding – 2013 was a big year for purple and I loved all the different shades we did it in throughout the year!  Emily chose a deep royal purple that went so well at the Athletic Club with all the gold and crystal.

We all got a sweet surprise with the guestbook!  Emily and Eric chose a coffee table book of Columbus history and during set up, I wondered if the Athletic Club’s building was in it – the club just celebrated its Centennial so it stood to reason the building might be pictured.  A little hunting and we found a picture of the building from the 30s or 40s in the pages.  Perfectly apropos for this vintage wedding!

Emily and Eric took dance lessons and their first dance was choreographed perfectly!  Look for the twirling dress and dip pictures – not the easiest thing to accomplish!

I’m sad I won’t get to do another wedding with this family (no more daughters left!) but am so happy to have been a part of both Megan and Emily’s weddings!

Thanks to Cassidy Dawn Photography for the pictures!

016  019


025  038

052  056

068  005


084  085





229  241


257  270








307  316



Wedding Planner: Emilie Duncan Event Planning
Photography: Cassidy Dawn Photography
Ceremony Venue: St. Mary’s Catholic Church
Reception Venue: Athletic Club of Columbus
Reception Music: Dwight Lennox
Flowers: Bloomtastic
Makeup: Makeup by MelissaRoshan
Cake: Anita Kline
Bride and Groom Transportation: Cardinal Transportation
Videography: Blue Skies Video

We’re almost done recapping!  This afternoon, we’ll flash back to Catherine and Brad’s intimate New Year’s Eve wedding!  We brought in 2014 in style!

Allison + Jon: 09.15.13

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

{We’re showing off our gorgeous weddings from the last two years in anticipation of our 10th anniversary on February 24 and we’re doubling up today and tomorrow!  Too many weddings to recap before our anniversary!!!}

Another set of high school sweethearts!  Alli and Jon were married 10 years and 2 days after they started dating – they grew up together and it shows.  He’s quiet but funny, she’s outspoken and strong and together they’re a beautiful match.  Jon has this way of calm Alli down that is so lovely to watch – he grounds her and his face just lights up when he sees her. You can tell she just entertains the heck out of him!

We had shades of purple, lavender and pink flowers with lots of hydrangeas which were reminiscent of the gorgeous skirt and train of Alli’s gown!  Guys in classic tuxes and girls in two different styles of purple gowns.  Lots of gold from the Athletic Club of Columbus and tucked in the flowers as well.

One of my favorite touches was the popcorn bar late night snack!  Alli loves popcorn so we had big tubs of different flavors of popcorn – all in shades of purple and white!  It was very popular, very messy and oh so delicious!

Alli and Jon were both on the dance floor all night and they shut down the whole place down!  It was a wild night to say the least!

Thanks to Chris Aram for the pictures!

Alli and Jon, Married--for Emilie Duncan 0005 (resized for web, not recommended for print. Originally 20130914-_DSC3393)

Alli and Jon, Married--for Emilie Duncan 0039 (resized for web, not recommended for print. Originally 20130914-_DSC3621)

Alli and Jon, Married--for Emilie Duncan 0084 (resized for web, not recommended for print. Originally 20130914-_DSC3867)

Alli and Jon, Married--for Emilie Duncan 0117 (resized for web, not recommended for print. Originally 20130914-_DSC4031)  Alli and Jon, Married--for Emilie Duncan 0200 (resized for web, not recommended for print. Originally 20130914-_DSC4471)

Alli and Jon, Married--for Emilie Duncan 0217 (resized for web, not recommended for print. Originally 20130914-_DSC4549)

Alli and Jon, Married--for Emilie Duncan 0221 (resized for web, not recommended for print. Originally 20130914-_DSC4575)

Alli and Jon, Married--for Emilie Duncan 0278 (resized for web, not recommended for print. Originally 20130914-_DSC4902)

Alli and Jon, Married--for Emilie Duncan 0333 (resized for web, not recommended for print. Originally 20130914-_DSC5058)

Alli and Jon, Married--for Emilie Duncan 0436 (resized for web, not recommended for print. Originally 20130914-_DSC5478)

Alli and Jon, Married--for Emilie Duncan 0383 (resized for web, not recommended for print. Originally 20130914-_DSC5249)  Alli and Jon, Married--for Emilie Duncan 0441 (resized for web, not recommended for print. Originally 20130914-_DSC5521)

Alli and Jon, Married--for Emilie Duncan 0445 (resized for web, not recommended for print. Originally 20130914-DS7_1488)

Alli and Jon, Married--for Emilie Duncan 0515 (resized for web, not recommended for print. Originally 20130914-_DSC5955)

Alli and Jon, Married--for Emilie Duncan 0518 (resized for web, not recommended for print. Originally 20130914-_DSC5966)

Alli and Jon, Married--for Emilie Duncan 0522 (resized for web, not recommended for print. Originally 20130914-_DSC5991)

Alli and Jon, Married--for Emilie Duncan 0528 (resized for web, not recommended for print. Originally 20130914-_DSC6023)  Alli and Jon, Married--for Emilie Duncan 0531 (resized for web, not recommended for print. Originally 20130914-_DSC6051)

Alli and Jon, Married--for Emilie Duncan 0546 (resized for web, not recommended for print. Originally 20130914-_DSC6114)

Alli and Jon, Married--for Emilie Duncan 0590 (resized for web, not recommended for print. Originally 20130914-_DSC6293)

Alli and Jon, Married--for Emilie Duncan 0649 (resized for web, not recommended for print. Originally 20130914-_DSC6453)

Alli and Jon, Married--for Emilie Duncan 0699 (resized for web, not recommended for print. Originally 20130914-_DSC6660)

Alli and Jon, Married--for Emilie Duncan 0947 (resized for web, not recommended for print. Originally 20130914-_DSC8238)

Wedding Planner: Emilie Duncan Event Planning
Photography: Chris Aram Photography
Videography: Leigh Zeidner Pictures
Ceremony Venue: St. Joseph’s Cathedral
Reception Venue: Athletic Club of Columbus
Reception Music: Ryan Smith DJ
Flowers: Flowers on Springtree Lane
Hair and Makeup: Atillier Salon
Cake: Anita Kline

Tomorrow we’ll flash back to Emily and Eric’s wedding – also at the Athletic Club of Columbus!  Em’s sisters with two of my former brides – one by blood and one by oath.

Genevieve + Todd: 09.01.13

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

{We’re showing off our gorgeous weddings from the last two years in anticipation of our 10th anniversary on Feb 24!}

I spent a lovely Labor Day weekend bombing around the grounds of a gorgeous brewery in a golf cart – who could ask for more?  Strap in, this one is going to be long – there was just so much going on at this event!

Genevieve and Todd met and she was 100% oblivious to his interest in her – in fact, it took months for her to get it!  Good thing she did because these two are so well suited for each other.  They love cooking together and local food is a passion for both of them – Todd used to be with Local Matters and they are in the beginning stages of opening a restaurant that I will be visiting all. the. time.

So, how to sum up this wedding?  Retro, vintage, mod, local, intimate, and completely fantastic!

The wedding started with 3 buses traveling from Columbus to Rockmill Brewery in Lancaster, Ohio.  Guests were greeted with a pre-wedding cocktail hour in the main house.  A beer tasting, perfectly paired food and tours of the brewery kept guest entertained until ceremony time.

Guests then headed down the hill to the ceremony site.  There is a small chapel on the grounds of the brewery and Genevieve and Todd were married nearby.  We spent the morning under the threat of rain and held off as long as possible on putting out the ceremony chairs but I outwitted the rain because the second I decided to just put the chairs out, the threatening clouds dissipated and the sun came out!  Friends of the bride and groom played music for the ceremony as the bridal party walked down from the main house.  The ceremony was lovely and concluded with the bride and groom being invited to kiss with “wild abandon.”

The bride and groom took a little walk around the pond by themselves while guests headed to the cocktail hour.  Genveieve and Todd hired the nationally renowned mixologist from M Restaurant, Cris Dehlavi, to create special cocktails for their guests.  After the bride and groom joined their guests, they participated in a German tradition called Baumstamm Sägen. Basically, the bride and groom have to work together to saw a piece of a log off using an old fashioned two-person saw.  It is supposed to represent the couple’s first obstacle in the marriage – showing how they will work through life’s challenges and problems as a team.  It’s also awesome to watch!

The reception was in a big white tent with long guest tables and a big dance floor which the guests took full advantage of throughout the night!  We loved their floral arrangements of wildflowers from Sunny Meadows and the very cute favors of homemade (by the bride and groom) jam.  Lots more fun ensued including some guests winding up in the pond sans clothing.  Suffice it to say, it was a heck of a night!

Genevieve and Todd’s wedding was featured on Columbus Underground but the writer omitted (what I think) was a pretty important part so Genevieve said I could share it here:  “I also should mention that we hired Emilie Duncan (Emilie Duncan Event Planning) as our wedding planner, and she was wonderful to work with…she coordinated all of the day of events, and did an unbelievable job keeping the details in order.  We had the chance to spend a lot of time together, and I’m so glad that at the end of it all, I get to call her a friend.”

Me too, Gen, me too!

Thanks to Ely Brothers for the photos.






Genevieve-Todd-Wedding-164  Genevieve-Todd-Wedding-173


Genevieve-Todd-Wedding-230  Genevieve-Todd-Wedding-194



















Genevieve-Todd-Wedding-502  Genevieve-Todd-Wedding-540






Genevieve-Todd-Wedding-589  Genevieve-Todd-Wedding-576






Genevieve-Todd-Wedding-436  Genevieve-Todd-Wedding-438






Genevieve-Todd-Wedding-676  Genevieve-Todd-Wedding-716






Wedding Planner: Emilie Duncan Event Planning
Photography: Ely Brothers
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Rockmill Brewery
Catering: Two Caterers
Reception Music: Mojo Flo
Flowers: Sunny Meadow Flower Farm
Hair and Makeup: Studio Fovero
Lighting: Oakland Nursery
Cake: Kittie’s Cakes
Rentals: O’Neil Tents

Tomorrow we’ll flash back to Ali and Jon’s Athletic Club of Columbus wedding – a wedding 10 years in the making!

Lauren + Scott: 08.17.13

Friday, February 21st, 2014

{We’re showing off our gorgeous weddings from the last two years in anticipation of our 10th anniversary on Feb 24!}

Lauren and Scott were engaged in Paris on vacation so we tried to infuse a vintage Parisian feel into their Columbus Museum of Art wedding!  We incorporated old books, Parisian postcards, picture frames, family wedding pictures, mercury glass, and lovely tones of white, ivory and blush pink into the day.   Make sure to take a look at the cake too – it is the most repinned cake on my Pinterest!

Now as I am sure you can tell, Lauren is gorgeous on a bad day so on her wedding day?  Just stunning!  Since Lauren and Scott didn’t see each other before the ceremony, we did the first look with her bridesmaids instead.  She got dressed in a small room at the church while her bridesmaid waited across the hall.  We had them facing away and then they turned around once she came in – so fun to see their faces.  I think every bride deserves that moment when people are so excited to see her – nothing wrong with a little bit of gushing over a beautiful bride!  It was really fun!

I will always remember this wedding because my realtor called me at about 10 pm to let me know that our bid on our house was accepted!  We had been to the house that morning, wrote the offer right away and were waiting to see what the outcome would be.  Lauren knew I was waiting for that call and I am fairly certain she was as happy for me as I was when I told her based on the hugging and jumping and screaming we both did!  I am absolutely say that we both count August 17 as one of our favoritest days ever!

Lauren is easily one of the kindest, sweetest people you will ever meet.  She’s an awesome registered dietitian here in Columbus and every once in a while, she pops up on TV giving great advice on health and wellness.  She’s also got a gorgeous instagram where she posts ridiculously pretty pictures of the delicious food she makes – seriously, you should follow her: lauren_a24.

Thanks to Grogan Studios for the pictures!

blake_001  blake_012



blake_035  blake_044


blake_081  blake_102



blake_143  blake_148






blake_197  blake_202

blake_250  blake_251

blake_281  blake_285





blake_344  blake_349

blake_351  blake_367

blake_371  blake_383





blake_397  blake_408


blake_473  blake_478




blake_643  blake_647


Wedding Planner: Emilie Duncan Event Planning
Photography: Grogan Studios
Videographer: Originate Lab
Ceremony Venue: Our Lady of Victory
Reception Venue: Columbus Museum of Art
Catering: Creative Cuisine
Reception Music: Encore Entertainment
Flowers: Bloomtastic
Paper Suite: Peabody Paper
Cake: Anita Kline
Transportation: Fun Bus
Rentals: Event Source

Tomorrow we’ll flash back to Genevieve and Todd’s Rockmill Brewery Wedding – tune in for a tent, wildflowers, jam and a really big saw!

Emily + Wayne: 07.20.13

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

{We’re showing off our gorgeous weddings from the last two years in anticipation of our 10th anniversary on Feb 24!}

Ten years of planning weddings and you would think I would have planned at least ONE weddings for a bride that shares my name, right?  It took 9 years but Emily was the first of two in 2013 – although I am still waiting for a bride who spells her name ‘correctly!’

Emily and Wayne were High School sweethearts and have been together (off and on) for over a decade.  I mistakenly said Junior High School yesterday but Emily corrected me – they’ve known each other since junior high but only started dating their Junior year.  I had the Junior thing right, at least!

Mother Nature.  Sometimes she likes when I am at the Renaissance and sometimes she doesn’t.  Sadly, this time she didn’t!  Emily and Wayne’s ceremony and cocktail hour was to be outside on the pool deck.  The forecast called for rain to begin exactly at the ceremony start time and for a while we hoped it would hold off but Emily made the call to move everything inside.  Now, as a planner, there is always a time after that call is made that I begin to cheer for the rain to come – I don’t want to have changed everything for no reason!  Turns my cheering worked because the forecast was dead on  – it was pouring outside while Emily walked down the aisle inside one of the ballrooms.  Disappointing but the ceremony was still gorgeous!

I loved the color palette of navy blue with platinum grey and shades of whites.  We had three different linens in the ballroom. They were all the same shade of platinum grey but in three different textures – plain, pintuck and crinkle.  Each style of linen had a different centerpiece as well which was gorgeous!  I also loved the reverse style table numbers.

Emily and Wayne met with me right after they got engaged but initially decided to do the planning on their own.  They reconsidered and called me about 6 months later to give them a hand with the rest of the plans – I am SO glad they did.

Thanks to Studio 127 for the pictures!

IMG_2052  IMG_2068




IMG_2891  IMG_3423







SGP_9961  SGP_0188









IMG_3825  SGP_0351


SGP_0368  SGP_0445






SGP_0459  IMG_3670


IMG_3706  IMG_3735


Wedding Planner: Emilie Duncan Event Planning
Photography: Studio 127 Photography
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Renaissance Hotel
Reception Music: Magical Attractions
Flowers: Shuster’s Flowers
Hair: Studio M Hair Designs
Lighting: Neff Lighting
Cake: Kelly’s Cakery
Rentals: Event Source and Uncommon Accents

Tomorrow we’ll flash back to Lauren and Scott’s gorgeous vintage wedding at the CMA!

Charlotte + Kegan: 06.29.13

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

{We’re showing off our gorgeous weddings from the last two years in anticipation of our 10th anniversary on Feb 24!}

Charlotte hired me over the phone after a 5 minute conversation – I like a bride who knows what they want!  Because our relationship began over the phone, it was fitting that Charlotte and Kegan’s wedding morning started out with an interesting phone call as well…one of the bridesmaid’s dresses didn’t make it into town!  It was supposed to be delivered via ‘husband express’ but storms on the east coast left it and him stranded in North Carolina!  One phone call and we were able to find a sample gown by the same designer in the same fabric, same color and same length in a slightly different style that we were able to buy off the rack at half price.  The gown fit the bridesmaid in every way except length so using our super stocked emergency kit, we cut off 4 inches and she was ready to go down the aisle with plenty of time to spare!

Once we figured that out, the rest of the day was smooth as could be!  Well, except for the crasher.

Anyway, we had a beautiful ceremony at the Columbus Museum of Art before heading over to the Westin for the reception.  We had gorgeous flowers and a stunning cake to go along with the stunning bride and groom!  Everyone had a great time, including that crasher I told you about!  She came with a member of the band (not a Columbus based band, by the way) – notice I’m not sharing their name, that’s because I don’t recommend them at all!  We kicked her out twice but not before she joined in on the dance floor and partook of the bar.  It was interesting to say the least but the couple chalked it up to another story to share about their wedding with their grandkids!

Take a peek at the pictures to see why I think of ‘old school glamour’ when I think about this wedding!  Seriously, the dress….oh the dress!  Plus, who doesn’t love a man in a bow tie?

Thanks to Shutterhead Studios for the pictures!

Kegan and Charlotte Married-154

Kegan and Charlotte Married-004

Kegan and Charlotte Married-076


Kegan and Charlotte Married-097  Kegan and Charlotte Married-021

Kegan and Charlotte Married-010

Kegan and Charlotte Married-189  Kegan and Charlotte Married-222

Kegan and Charlotte Married-018

Kegan and Charlotte Married-279

Kegan and Charlotte Married-291  Kegan and Charlotte Married-294

Kegan and Charlotte Married-299

Kegan and Charlotte Married-302

Kegan and Charlotte Married-304

Kegan and Charlotte Married-359

Kegan and Charlotte Married-414

Kegan and Charlotte Married-481

Kegan and Charlotte Married-483

Kegan and Charlotte Married-485

Kegan and Charlotte Married-489  Kegan and Charlotte Married-495

Kegan and Charlotte Married-493

Kegan and Charlotte Married-494

Kegan and Charlotte Married-558

Kegan and Charlotte Married-062

Kegan and Charlotte Married-652

Kegan and Charlotte Married-666

Kegan and Charlotte Married-687

Wedding Planner: Emilie Duncan Event Planning
Photography: Shutterhead Studios
Ceremony Venue: Columbus Museum of Art
Reception Venue & Catering: Westin Hotel
Ceremony & Cocktail Music: Kevin Gault
Flowers: Hilliard Floral
Hair: Shannon Goode
Makeup: Alison Feamster
Cake: Jan Kish for le Petite Fleur

Tomorrow we’ll flash back to Junior High School sweethearts Emily and Wayne’s wedding – yes, I said Junior High!

Abbey + Adam: 06.22.13

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

{We’re showing off our gorgeous weddings from the last two years in anticipation of our 10th anniversary on Feb 24!}

I work with a lot of brides and grooms from the A&F home office – I think they like that I get just how crazy their schedules are since I used to work there (in a different lifetime!).  Abbey was one of those brides and her schedule was even more crazy – she actually left the country on business the WEEK before the wedding!

Abbey and Adam’s wedding was supposed to be completely outside at the Franklin Park Conservatory on the upper and lower West Terrace.  We knew the sun and weather might be an issue since it was June and the terrace has no shade and no cover but they were determined to be outside!  The morning dawned hot and muggy with a solid chance of pop up showers.  Knowing how hot it was and that if there was even a small shower, the whole wedding would be finished before it began – can’t move soggy tables and linens and flowers and food and chairs and people inside quickly enough to keep them from getting ruined in a summer downpour!  Based on the radar, Abbey reluctantly made the call to go to plan B.

As soon as she stepped outside in the sun for the first look, Abbey agreed it had been the right choice!  It was SO hot and muggy, the guests would have been miserable all night.  We managed to have the ceremony outside on the lower terrace before moving the cocktail hour and reception into the Orchid House and Atrium.

We loved this wedding’s soft, classic style – so pretty with lots of ivory, champagne, and light pinks.  Lots of texture in the flowers and all very fitting for the FPC!  Abbey and Adam potted the succulent escort card/favors for the their guests as well.  The Conspiracy Band kept the dance floor packed all night!  Everyone the bride’s brother serenaded her and her sorority sisters with a song as well, bringing down the house!

In the end, the guests were glad we moved inside for the air conditioning and when we left, I couldn’t help but be glad we moved inside when we noticed the puddles left over from a summer downpour!

Thanks to Kitty Maer Photography for the pictures!

schmbgr_0006  schmbgr_0008

schmbgr_0014  schmbgr_0076








schmbgr_0197  schmbgr_0216  

schmbgr_0217  schmbgr_0238






schmbgr_0353  schmbgr_0357





schmbgr_0556  schmbgr_0558


schmbgr_0583  schmbgr_0615





schmbgr_0715  schmbgr_0742






Wedding Planner: Emilie Duncan Event Planning
Photography: Kitty Maer Photography
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Franklin Park Conservatory
Ceremony Music: Paragon String Quartet
Catering: Cameron Mitchell Catering
Flowers: Flowers on Orchard Lane
Reception Music: Conspiracy Band
Cake: Anita Kline

Tomorrow we’ll flash back to Charlotte and Kegan’s Westin wedding and the dress that never arrived!

Jessica + Shane: 06.08.13

Monday, February 17th, 2014

{We’re showing off our gorgeous weddings from the last two years in anticipation of our 10th anniversary on Feb 24!}

Things and moments that have stayed in my mind from Jessica and Shane’s Renaissance wedding:

  1. The gorgeous color palette – navy blue, bright green, grey and white.  So classic and pretty!
  2. The bridal party – our biggest in 10 years!  10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen plus a ring bearer and flower girl!
  3. The bride – Jessica was SO calm and relaxed all day – she enjoyed every second of her wedding day which always makes me happy!
  4. That dress – how gorgeous is that dress?  And how perfectly did it fit her?!  I also loved how the bridesmaid’s dresses mimicked the shape and style as well.
  5. The late night pictures on the roof – away from the party, mostly alone, Jessica and Shane just melted into each other…it is moments like those that I am reminded why I do what I do and how lucky I am to get to do so.  It was a nice reminder to kick off the second half of our wedding season!

Thanks to Keels Photography for the photos!




0046  0087

0056  0060



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0193  0205




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Wedding Planner: Emilie Duncan Event Planning
Photography: Keels Photography
Ceremony Venue: St. Mary’s Catholic Church
Reception Venue and Catering: Renaissance Hotel
Flowers: Flowers on Orchard Lane
Reception Music: Redline Band
Cake: Alice’s Piece of Cake
Lighting: Neff Lighting

Tomorrow we’ll flash back to Abbey and Adam’s gorgeous and very warm Franklin Park Conservatory wedding!