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2 Years of Weddings in 24 Days

Friday, January 31st, 2014

We’re coming up on Emilie Duncan Event Planning’s 10 (TEN) year anniversary on February 24 so I have been looking back at past weddings and realized that I have not shared pictures from the last 2 years of weddings.  I’m obviously a huge slacker and that must be fixed because let’s face it – I have the most awesomest clients and they have the most awesomest weddings!  Starting tomorrow (February 1) I will be sharing pictures from my last 2 years of weddings.  One wedding a day, until we hit the 10 year anniversary and we’ll be all caught up!

Check back each day for another flashback – tomorrow you’ll meet Andrea and TJ!

Pinterest Tip: Use the Description Space Wisely!

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

{It is very snowy and cold outside but I have a cup of tea (hello Chai Latte, where have you been all my life?!), and Pinterest is fired up on my computer so I’m good – the perfect way to waste a Saturday off!}

A quick tip for all you Pinterest using brides and grooms out there – make sure you use the description space wisely!  Pinterest makes it so easy to save anything and everything with very little brain power needed.  That’s the great and not so great thing about Pinterest.  Great because you can always have your ideas at your fingertips, not so great when it comes down to having to share your pins with your vendors – anything and everything is overwhelming and can lead to confusion and misunderstandings!

Often I see pinners pinning a picture for one element – say the candles but not the flowers or the napkin fold but not the color of the napkins.  Unless you clarify what you like and don’t like about your pins, it is easy to forget down the road and then that pin is just another pretty picture.

Simply try to make a point to clarify what you like and/or what you don’t like about each pin so it is clear to someone viewing your boards.  Here’s a great example – what does the original pinner like about it?  The ribbon on the handle – easy peasy!  Of course if you like the pink flowers but not the ribbon, you should change the description!  Simple, right?

2014-01-25 12.28.51

Another tip?  Every once in a while, go back and clean up your pins.  The easiest way to do this is to create a new board, go through your old boards and anything you still love, move or repin to the new board.  This is an especially good idea if you have a long engagement – sometimes the old pins are good for a laugh.

Stay warm and happy pinning- I’m off to make more tea!

We’ve Got A New Address!

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

If you caught our 2013 year end recap, you might have noticed that my family and I moved into a new house at the beginning of October.  It took quite a while (trust me when I say that it was a long, rather painful saga) but we love our new home!

I’ve rented office space for 5 or 6 years but have been wanting to move Emilie Duncan Event Planning back into my house for a while so that was a big criteria for me while house hunting.  I’m incredibly excited to say that our new house has a wonderful office space for me and starting this week, I’ll be meeting clients here!

2014-01-20 09.45.05

It’s a work in progress but it is finally starting to come together!  I have blank walls which means LOTS of room for pictures of my awesome couples and all the gorgeous weddings from the last 10 years!  Honestly, I still have all those blank walls because I have no idea how I am going to narrow them down but I will post more pictures once I do.

Our mailing address still remains the same – PO Box 1173, Worthington, OH 43085 – but since the office is at my house, I’m giving out that address as needed for meetings.  Please note that we are NO LONGER at 693 1/2 High Street!

Want to set up a meeting to see the new office in person?  Give us a call {614.678.6320} or drop us a line.

Cheers to exciting changes in 2014!

Is Alcohol Returnable in Ohio?

Friday, January 17th, 2014

I got a phone call the other day from a bride who is considering having her reception at a venue that allows couples to bring in their own alcohol.  The venue provides the bartenders but the couple supplies all the liquor, beer, and wine.  This bride was worried about running out of liquor during the reception and wanted to know if they should overbuy and then return any unused, unopened bottles to the store.  Apparently one of the bride’s friends did it for her wedding in another state and it worked out well but a different friend tried to return alcohol in Ohio and…let’s just say, their liquor cabinet is stocked for years to come!

So, can you or can’t you return liquor in the state Ohio?

Genevieve-Todd-Wedding-225Photo from Ely Brothers

To get the answer once and for all, I made a phone call and got the story straight from the people who know – The Ohio Division of Liquor Control.  Here’s the scoop:

  1. Here in Ohio, all hard liquor (anything over 42 Proof) is controlled by the state and all sales are final!  You CANNOT return unopened bottles of liquor.  This includes vodka, rum, whisky, tequila, gin…you get the idea.  If you bought it, you own it – plan wisely!  Your caterer or venue should be able to help you determine what and how much to buy.
  2. Lower proof spirits (for instance Bailey’s Irish Cream, Godiva, and Chambord – basically the alcohol the grocery store sells) are owned by the store that sells them so it is up to them to decide if they want to accept returns.
  3. Beer and wine are also owned by the store that sells them so it is up to them to decide if they want to accept returns.

To sum it up, hard liquor is NOT returnable in Ohio.  Beer, wine and other alcohol MAY BE returnable in Ohio.  Call the store and talk to the manager as to whether they will take unopened bottles back or just buy super awesome wine and beer that you won’t mind drinking copious amounts of for weeks/months to come!

So, what do you do if you live in Ohio and plan to buy hard liquor but are still afraid of buying too much?  There are some neighboring states (to the south for instance) that may allow returns so a day trip could be beneficial to your bottom line however you might want to check the laws on transporting alcohol across state lines as well as check with the store you pick to confirm they allow returns.

Cheers and enjoy your weekend!

Happy New Year! Welcome 2014!

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

What a wonderful year 2013 was!  It was a year of some really big changes, lots of great weddings and some amazing memories.  Here are just some of our favorite highlights (and one very low point):

*We started the year welcoming a new class of interns – Maddie, Courtney, and Karly joined me all year and did a great job not only planning and coordinating weddings but serving as the official photo booth testers when needed:

teampicture2(Thanks to Shutterhead Studios for the picture!)

*On February 22, we helped with a fun party for a local company’s 14th anniversary – lots of red roses for a Valentine’s Day theme and an amazing talent show from their associates!

*We kicked off an early wedding season on March 23 with Amy and Drew.  I’ve known Amy since she was a bridesmaid in one of our 2009 weddings (that bride was a bridesmaid in this wedding and I knew about a dozen of the guests – it was great to see them and catch up!).  We had a great time with them at Creekside in Gahanna – they even braved the chilly temperatures for some gorgeous outside pictures!

2013-03-23_Amy&Drew_0580(Photo by Little Tree Studios)

*The 4th annual Cakes for a Cause took place on March 28.  This was a banner year for us – tickets not only sold out for the first time but we raised enough to buy over 27,000 meals for those in need in Central Ohio.  We’re already busy planning for the 5th Cakes for a Cause – save the date for April 17!  We’ve got some fun things planned and with your help, we’re looking forward to the biggest year yet!

0078(Thanks to Karen Evens Pictures)

*We were back at it with Amy and Nick’s Columbus Museum of Art on April 6.  Very purple and very blingy and a very good time!  We even managed to sneak outside and play with sparklers for some lovely late night pictures.

10799 resized(Thanks to Nicole Dixon)

*April 6 was a busy day for us!  The morning started off with my daughter serving as flower girl in my friend Juliet’s wedding to Tom!  I think she was the cutest flower girl ever but I am a little biased!

View More: to Casey Clark Photography)

*That afternoon we headed to the Athletic Club of Columbus for Sandy and Jeff’s wedding inspired by their amazing travels!  These two have been together for years and been all over the world in that time.  We had accents of lemons inspired by their trips to Italy, tables named after places they traveled and travel themed favors.  Sandy read her vows from her iPad and had us all in stitches and tears!

Sandy&Jeff-Britt Lakin Photography (18)(Thanks to Britt Lakin Photography)

*We kicked off our summer wedding season with Jessica and Shane’s June 8 wedding at the Renaissance Hotel.  This was our largest bridal party to date – 10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen!  It was quite the party!

0504-M(Thanks to Keels Photography)

*June 22 was one of the hottest days of the year and we were at Franklin Park Conservatory with Abbey and Adam!  The ceremony was outside but we decided to move the reception inside to the Atrium to keep everyone cool and dodge a couple summer showers!

1004779_10201514663092156_1019150422_n(Thanks to Kitty Maer Wedding Photography)

*We celebrated with Charlotte and Kegan at The Westin on June 29.  Despite one of the bridesmaids dresses not arriving it was a gorgeous night!  If you are curious, we found the same dress, in her size, bought it off the rack and chopped off about 4 inches.  It was…a touch nerve wracking!  If you want to see the video, just go here: dress chop!

Kegan and Charlotte Married-652(Thanks to Shutterheads Studio)

*We gambled but lost our bet with Mother Nature on July 20 with Emily and Wayne at The Renaissance.  Instead of the pool deck ceremony and cocktail hour, we were inside a ballroom due to the rain.  The change of plans didn’t keep this couple, who have been together since they were in Junior High School (!), from having a great time.

IMG_2910(Thanks to Studio 127)

*We were back at the Columbus Museum of Art with Lauren and Scott on August 19.  They were engaged in Paris so we had a subtle French theme running throughout the day.  The ballroom reveal to Lauren was one of my favorites of the year!

GS1(Thanks for Grogan Studios)

*Tiffany and Ryan’s intimate wedding at Due Amici was a first for us – we had the whole place to ourselves on August 24!

{Photo coming soon!}

*Genevieve and Todd’s gorgeous wedding at Rockmill Brewery was a wonderful way to spend our Labor Day weekend!  Their moving ceremony was in front of the tiny chapel, cocktail hour included the nationally renowned mixologist from M Restaurant and the German log sawing tradition.  Guests danced until late into the evening under the huge white tent and some guests even hopped in the pond for a midnight swim!

Genevieve-Todd-Wedding-685(Thanks to Ely Brothers)

*We spent September 14 back at The Athletic Club of Columbus with Allison and Jon.  Lots of purple and gold (perfect for the ACC), a very happy bridal party and a fun popcorn bar (a favorite of the bride!) made for a fun and beautiful evening!

Alli and Jon, Married--for Emilie Duncan 0224 (resized for web, not recommended for print. Originally 20130914-_DSC4592)(Thanks to Chris Aram)

*October 26 we were back for our 3rd wedding of the year at The Athletic Club of Columbus with Emily and Eric!  Emily is the sister of one of our 2010 brides, Megan – it was fun to see the family once again!  We loved Emily and Eric’s first dance and sophisticated style.  (bonus fact: Emily and Allison from September were sorority sisters at OSU!)


(Thanks to Cassidy Dawn Photography)

*In November, we helped the Childhood League of Columbus with some events including a childhood book themed town hall and annual meeting.  We loved the adorable floral caterpillar from Flowers on Orchard Lane that greeted all the guests!

2013-11-14 17.32.34-1

*We went back to the 80s on December 13 with an 80’s prom themed holiday party for a local corporation at New Albany Country Club.  To say that the associates got into the theme is an understatement!  We had Billy Idol, multiple vintage prom gowns, a few Flashdancers and even the Palmer Girls.  It was like, totally awesome and we got into it too – giant hair and neon accessories!!


*We closed out the season and the year with Catherine and Brad at The Hilton Downtown!  Intimate, stunning and so perfectly personal – it was an amazing evening and a wonderful way to ring in the new year!


On a personal note, it was a year of big changes, both good and not so good.  On the good side, we sold our old house in June and moved into our new house in Powell in October {Emilie Duncan Event Planning’s office will be moving there early 2014!}.

2013-10-03 12.19.31

The low point of the year was when we lost our beloved 12 year old golden retriever, Truman, at the end of September – ‘Bubby’ was a wonderful companion to our family for 11 years and we still miss him every single day.

2013-09-29 00.26.46

I made a video (gotta love the new Instagram friendly apps!) with some highlights from my and my family’s year – it won’t embed (technology!!!) so just click here: The Duncan’s 2013


2014 is shaping up to be another amazing year with weddings planned for some of our favorite venues and a few new ones as well!  We’ll be at The Westin, High Line Car House, Columbus Museum of Art, Freeman Farms, The Loft at Smith Brothers, Camp Mary Orton, and The Vue.  We’re so excited for all these weddings and have room for a few more 2014 clients so feel free to give us a call (614.678.6320) or email us to get started.  We’d love to see your smiling face on our 2014 recap!

Happy New Year and may 2014 be full of happiness, joy, and most of all, lots of love!