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Same Day Edit: Katlin and Parker

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

You might remember Katlin and Parker from their pretty much perfect engagement story: She Said YES: Katlin and Parker.  I had the pleasure and honor of planning and coordinating Katlin and Parker’s incredibly joyous wedding on June 16 – and yes, the wedding lived up to that proposal!!!  While we wait (impatiently) for pictures from Kitty Maer, I am thrilled to be able to share the Same Day Edit from Steve at Studio Z.

I got to work with this wonderful couple for over a year and a half and will truly miss them and what I can only describe as their incredible love of life!

Okay, so if you see a bunch of gobbled-gook up there, Vimeo isn’t playing nice with my blog today so just click here to see this gorgeous video – a Same Day Edit, by the way, is shown during the reception and includes film edited on site throughout the day.  This was shown right after Katlin and Parker’s dinner.  The guests absolutely loved it and yes, it made me cry.

Kickbacks and Commissions in the Wedding Industry

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Preston Bailey did a blog post yesterday on transparency and vendor kickbacks and fees and it prompted me to pull out a post I have had sitting in drafts for a while.

It is a dirty little secret of the industry that some planners charge kickbacks to vendors in order to recommend them.  It is more common in cities on the coast but it is certainly happening here in Columbus as well.

This is long so click below to read more….


Pinterest Find: Burlap Banner

Monday, June 4th, 2012

I love the adorable burlap banners that have been popping up on the blogs recently!  I have seen them used as signs for candy bars, as thank you signs, to designate the newlywed’s chairs at the reception or just as a focal point on an otherwise blank wall.  If you are doing a rustic elegance wedding, it is a great way to bring some of that rustic feel to the table (or wall or chair – sorry, couldn’t resist!) without going too overboard with the burlap!

I saw the super cute tutorial for this banner pinned on Pinterest and followed the link back over on Offbeat Bride:

Now if you’ve never worked with burlap, let me tell you a little secret – it’s a MESS to work with!  It frays, it sheds worse than my golden retriever when I am wearing all black!!  If you are going to cut burlap, do it outside and get some fray stop OR if you want an easier way, head over to and buy these pre made/pre-finished flags!  This is also great for those of you who are a bit OCD like me about making sure everything is same size – I cannot cut things to be the same size for the life of me so this would be a good solution for me too!

They come in triangles and squares and will certainly save you time and all that mess along with helping to prevent OCD headaches!  You can paint or stencil them to customize them as well.

If you don’t have the time or aren’t feeling crafty, there are tons of shops on Etsy that sell burlap banners for weddings – a quick search on Etsy came back with 42 PAGES of results so you’ll probably find something you love!

Lauren + Geoff: 05.12.12 (Sneak Peek!)

Friday, June 1st, 2012

We were out at one of our favorite venues – The Darby House – a couple of weeks ago for the kick off a very busy wedding season!  We worked with Lauren and Geoff for nearly a year and a half through some very busy times in their life (Lauren started a demanding new job and Geoff passed the Bar Exam!) but even through that stress, they were a joy to work with!  All these gorgeous images you see are by Simon Yao Studio – huge thanks to Simon for sharing!

Lots more picture of this GORGEOUS couple to come – wait until you see the flowers from Bloomtastic and the cake from Suisse Shop – both were jaw droppingly amazing!  And again, thank you to Simon Yao for the beautiful pictures!

Lauren and Geoff were kind enough to leave a review for me on The Wedding Channel that brought tears to my eyes – I’ll let you read and see why:

Couldn’t have done it without her!  

We came to Emilie almost a year and a half before our wedding-we knew we wanted a planner and we knew we wanted to start planning right away, as I was going to start a new job and my husband was studying for the Bar Exam. We knew we wanted to hire Emilie the moment we left our initial meeting with her. She made us feel so at ease. Over the last year and a half, she helped us hire vendors, pick linens, select flowers, and a million other things. Whether we had a huge, pressing concern or a trivial question like “How many songs are in a prelude ?”, Emilie was had the answer for us right away. I never felt like we were left in the dark-her communication was oustanding, and her expertise saved us countless hours and so much stress. As we got closer to the wedding, everyone I saw would ask if I was nervous, and I always had to say no- We felt so confident in Emilie and her team, there was no reason to be nervous. Our wedding day proved to be more beautiful than we ever imagined, and all our visions came to life that day thanks to Emilie and her team. The night went SO smoothly-it really was like a fairy tale, and I know it would not have been possible without Emilie and her team! We hired a spectacular planner at the beginning of this journey, and gained a friend along the way.

Yep, that made me cry.  Thanks to Lauren and Geoff for letting me be a part of your gorgeous day – it was an honor!!