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Quick Tip: Eye Glasses

Monday, November 28th, 2011

This might be a strange one but something a lot of people don’t think of – what will your glasses look like in outdoor pictures?

A good photographer will have no problem with regular glasses in pictures – they can mitigate (or photoshop) any glare or sun spots.  You might face an issue if you have Transitions lens (the kind that darken into sunglasses when they are outside).  If you have lens that become sunglasses automatically, you might want to talk with your Optician about getting some non-changing lens for the wedding day.  You could also see about finding a way to pop out the lens during pictures.

This came to mind as I was going through formals from a wedding while working on my 26 things list – the mother of the groom had Transitions lens and she stands out as she is the only one wearing “sunglasses” in the outdoor formal family pictures.  If you know a parent or bridal party member has these glasses, I would suggest talking to them about wearing non-changing lens or simply not wearing their glasses at least some of the formal portraits.

It might sound crazy but lens that change automatically will hide your eyes and given that so much emotion in a picture comes from the eyes, they need to be seen and not hidden!

Etsy Find Friday: Double Thumbprint Heart

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Oh my goodness, I do love this little pendant and these rings!  And I apparently have a thing for fingerprints.  Fabuluster will send a kit that captures your thumbprints, then make you this beautiful pendant or you can put each other’s fingerprints on your wedding bands.  Love!

This would be an amazing gift from a solider or sailor to his or her love before deployment – giving the person at home something to hold onto while they are gone.  On a mom note, I am really tempted to ask for the pendant with my little girl’s thumbprints on it!  I would love that for Christmas or Mother’s Day.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thursday, November 24th, 2011


Hope everyone has a safe, happy and delicious Thanksgiving surrounded by those you love.  Happy Thanksgiving and please know if you are reading this, we’re thankful for you!

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

So, you know that moment on a holiday when you’re done eating and Grandpa has passed out and you’re sort of bored but no one is online to chat with because they are all at their Aunt Myrtle’s house having dry turkey and jello mold?  Well this year, you are in luck because I have a new distraction for you!

I am sure you already know about Pintrest (which I still love, love, love!) but I also just discovered the “gawkerverse” – a family of sites sort of like Pintrest but each is narrowly categorized: – all weddings, all the time. – all yum, all the time. – all home, all the time. – all crafty, all the time. (my personal obsession right now because I just don’t have enough projects that I will never finish on my eleventy billion item long DIY to-do list!)

My only issue is it appears you have to make a new login for each of the 4 sites which is v. v. annoying.  I do love that one click takes you straight to the source so you don’t go through another several pages to get to the goods!

Between Pintrest and the gawkerverse, you have no excuse to be bored on Turkey Day this year.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Real Bride Chat: Rachel

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Real Bride: Rachel W.
Wedding Date: July 29
Ceremony and Reception Location: Northbank Park

How different was your original wedding vision from your actual wedding?
I was not one of those children who wore a curtain as a veil and walked down the aisle.  I never thought I would want to be married so I never considered what my wedding would look like.  Even by the time I changed my mind and decided to marry my partner, we each only had vague ideas about what we wanted: outside, delicious food, as stress-free as possible.  While a thunderstorm put the kibosh on the outside portion of our vision (although we were lucky enough to make it through the ceremony outside), the rest was pretty much spot on.

What surprised you most about the planning process?
The details!  There were so many small decisions that did not matter to either one of us but still had to be made.  At times my husband and I both felt inundated by questions we hadn’t considered and information that needed to be taken in.

What was your favorite part of the planning process?
My favorite part of the planning process was also at times my least favorite: discussing all the bits and pieces with my partner who was as involved as I was.  It was so much fun brainstorming all the different facets of the day and wondering what it would be like the last few months leading up to the wedding!  This occasionally led us to wonder what we might talk about once we were married since The Wedding made up the bulk of our conversations, but we made it out alive. 🙂  (Note: I asked my husband this question and, without hesitation, he said, “trying all the food!”  So, maybe that, too.)

What surprised you the most about the wedding day?
Except for the intense thunderstorm, which was quite beautiful from inside our venue, we weren’t really surprised by anything.  We had a fantastic day with our friends and family, and took in every minute.  Of course it wasn’t perfect, but we remember and cherish the imperfections and spontaneous moments the most.

What was your favorite moment of the wedding day?
My husband and I spent the night before the wedding together in a hotel suite and my favorite part of the wedding day was spending the next morning with him.  We relaxed for a few hours, splurged on breakfast in our room, and talked about how excited we were.  Life was so calm even though the wedding was imminent!

What would you do differently?
We hired someone else to take care of all of the major wedding day things: day-of coordination, flowers, cake, food, music, photos… Unfortunately, we never considered for a second that we should hire someone to take care of creating our invitations (we have Adobe!  And Vistaprint! And Etsy!), or deal with the RSVP nightmare.  Some folks didn’t get the no kids hints we flashed them, and I was surprised at how many people we had to harass to find out if they were coming- and our wedding had fewer than 100 guests.

Finally, what is your best tip for future brides?
This won’t work for everyone, but if you are able to be somewhat detached from the details, my best tip is to hire people you trust to do the work and then let them.  Once we hired a florist, I took that as my cue that I could stop thinking about flowers.  When we hired a DJ, I stopped stressing over songs.  It was so freeing to have big chunks of the wedding taken care of by people who were valued professionals in their field, whose personalities matched ours, and who understood that we trusted them to make good decisions on our behalf.  And then we had Emilie to make sure it all came together perfectly.

Thank you Rachel for sharing – xoxo!

101 Things Update: 26 Things

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

I am about a third of the way through my 3rd round of 101 Things in 1001 Days. So far I have 20 items completed and 10 items in progress – just 71 left to go!

I decided to put a small twist on one of the items – #11 complete a 26 Things list from  Instead of taking new pictures as they suggest, I have gone through pictures from my past weddings and picked one for each item.  I am going to try do the most recent list with pictures I take over on my personal blog (

To see the pictures, click below!


Etsy Find Friday: Something Blue Charm

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Most of the time the blue in the traditional ‘something blue’ is a bow or a sorority pin or a piece of blue jewelry either worn or pinned inside the bride’s gown.  I am a big fan of jewelry as something blue because you can wear it again after the wedding.  Obviously sapphires are snazzy but if you are looking for something a little less pricey, a charm for a charm bracelet would be lovely as well!


I love these little charms that fit on a Pandora charm bracelet from Sissy’s Pretties.  The top is hand stamped with initials and your wedding date and can either be silver or gold.  There are also several different shades of blue that you can order. It can either be tied to your bouquet or pinned to your dress.

These would be a great gift for a 2012 bride this holiday season!

Real Bride Chat: Lindsay

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Real Bride: Lindsay G.
Wedding Date: May 21
Ceremony and Reception Location: Darby House

How different was your original wedding vision from your actual wedding?

It actually was almost exactly what I envisioned except so much more. There were things that Emilie, my Mom and I found throughout the entire planning process that took the vision I had for my wedding to the next level. It really was the perfect day – which I still can’t quite believe 🙂 So being open to new ideas makes a huge impact at the end of it all…you never really know how it will turn out!

What surprised you most about the planning process?
For me, the planning process was in two big chunks. The first was when you have to make all of the big decisions – like where you will have the ceremony and reception, who your photographer will be, buying your dress…of course! And then comes the second piece later on when you have to make all of the small decisions – what color font do you want on your seating cards, what color napkins should you pick to match the table cloths, what color nail polish you will wear, etc. What most surprised me was how easy it was to make those big decisions and how easy it was to overlook all of the little ones until someone points them out to you (cough, cough…Emilie…cough 🙂 )

What was your favorite part of the planning process?
For me it was the very beginning and the very end. When you first get started, and you are tearing out all of those pages from the millions of magazines you purchase or receive from others, it is so exciting to just sit and imagine what the day will be like. And then when you get done with it all, and it is the night before your wedding, you can hardly believe it has all happened. After you wake up in the morning on the big day, there are so many emotions and you get moving with getting yourself ready, but once you step onsite for the first time and you see that it has all come together, that feeling is absolutely wonderful. Pause…and take it all in that the day is here!

What surprised you the most about the wedding day?
How fast it went! People always tell you, “It will be gone in the blink of an eye”. And you think the whole time, “Sure” but you’re not sure you really believe that. But it really does. The day flies by so you have to make sure you soak it all in, every minute, because it is gone before you know it. That’s not a bad thing though – Just something to keep in mind. In the middle of our reception, after all of the big events were done, I grabbed my new hubby and made him take a quick walk with me outside away from it all so we could just stop for a second and absorb what was happening to us. We walked on the outside of our venue and just watched the whole scene for a few minutes (not too long though!) and I’m so glad we did because I’ll never forget how happy I was to walk with him and have a moment to celebrate what just happened while we were still there.

What was your favorite moment of the wedding day?
First, let me say that there was nothing I disliked about the day. I enjoyed every second of it! So, if I had to pick a favorite moment….well I have two. The first one was at the very beginning of the ceremony. I arrived onsite first and was both extremely excited, happy and a bit nervous. Then, Emilie came in and told me Kevin was coming down the driveway – so I had to hide in the dressing room until the ceremony. And then she came back and told me he had arrived. Knowing that he was finally here was one of my favorite moments. Everything seemed to slow down a bit and I felt calm knowing he was close by – we were going to be married within the hour – such a great feeling! And the second moment was just before the doors opened to our reception. Knowing all of our friends and family were here to celebrate with us was so special. Once the doors opened – time to celebrate!

What would you do differently?
There are definitely things that I look back on and say, oh I wish it didn’t happen that way, but I don’t think I would change anything that I did. If anything, just try to be a bit more ahead of the game in my planning. But at the same time, I’m glad I had to make some last minute decisions because the lack of time didn’t allow for wavering on decisions or over analyzing the details. So, it worked out in the end!

Finally, what is your best best tip for future brides?
A wedding is about marrying the man you love with the support of all of those closest to you – don’t forget that when you’re trying to plan “your perfect day”. It’s not worth it to get so caught up in the details that you forget why you are there in the first place. You can have a perfect day without losing yourself in the process. Remember that all of those people who are part of your day (the cake decorator, the florist, the seamstress, the wait staff, your wedding planner, etc.) are all there to help you make it special – appreciate them because you couldn’t do it without their help. Kindness goes a lot farther when trying to achieve your dream wedding.

Thanks Lindsay for answering our questions!  You can see more pictures from Lindsay and Kevin’s beautiful wedding in the gallery section of our new website!

New Series: Real Bride Chat

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

I am so excited to introduce our new blog series – Real Bride Chat. From time to time, we’ll be talking with some of Emilie Duncan Event Planning’s past brides about what surprised them and what they liked and didn’t like about planning and the wedding day itself!  They’ve got some great insight and tips for future brides so listen up!

First up tomorrow is Lindsay G.  Hope you enjoy!

If there are any past Emilie Duncan Event Planning brides I haven’t contacted who want to answer some questions and share their advice with future brides, feel free to email me!


Happy Veteran’s Day!

Friday, November 11th, 2011

A very Happy Veteran’s Day to all those who have served and all those on active duty!  My family has its share of veterans from my Grandfather John (Army) and Granddaddy Myron (Navy) to my Uncle Jim (Army) and cousins Andy and Molly (both Army).  Randy’s family has veterans including his dad, both brothers and his only nephew (all Army).  To you all and everyone who has served, I am so grateful for your service and thank you.

Now to keep this wedding related, a little background.  I am an only child but if you asked me if I had any siblings, my answer would be that my cousin Molly is as close as I have to a sister.  She is Aunt Molly to my little girls and Major Melissa to everyone else.  She’s active duty Army and is deployed right now – she’ll be gone for over a year and we miss her terribly.

I am betting her husband misses her even more – you see Molly is also a newlywed.  Just 3 weeks before she deployed, Molly and Bob were married in a small ceremony in Richmond, Virginia.  The wedding that was planned in less than a month.  I think she was a beautiful bride and Laura Gordon did an amazing job capturing the day.  Thanks to Laura for sharing these with me!

Wasn’t she a beautiful bride?  Molly and Bob share an anniversary with my parents who have been married for 41 years so I am thinking August 20 is a good day in our family!   To Molly and Bob, we love you both and to Molly, come home safe – we can’t wait to see you!