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She said YES: Katlin and Parker

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

As you can imagine, I hear a lot of engagement stories and each of them is sweet, personal and wonderfully unique!  Every once in a while I hear of a groom going above and beyond (a pun you will appreciate soon) with a very special engagement and I just have to share!

Meet Katlin and Parker:

Why are they wearing headphones and looking all glowing and happy?  Read on and you’ll understand!  Here is their engagement story in their words:

12.11.10 [Parker]

The day had been in the works for 3 months.

Everything had been planned down to the most minute detail. From where we would be take off, to who would be holding each letter, to how I wanted our friends and family to stand. By the time my email went out with the instructions for the day, there were no questions. Knowing I had covered every possible aspect of the day, the only concern was the weather. Planning an outdoor event in Ohio in December was absurd to say the least. A week prior to the event I found myself checking the weather hourly. It went from 20º and snowing to 43º and raining/sleeting. By the time the day finally arrived, I still had no idea what to expect. Besides, I had larger issues. Even though everything had been taken care of regarding the day as a whole, I still had to get my girlfriend into a helicopter without her thinking there was anything else going on.

It began with a white lie in which I had won a “Holiday Helicopter Ride” from a restaurant I frequent at work. Though surprised, I dropped the news at a time when she didn’t have an opportunity to ask too many questions, and the prize became an accepted fact much more quickly than I had assumed it would. Once we were in the air there were no more questions, no more concerns, no more worries. Visually, it was truly the definition of amazing. The city I had grown up in my whole life was below me. Life stood still as I envisioned driving down countless streets and looking through the city from the top of so many buildings. Nothing compared to the view I was blessed with from the air. I was able to see my house, tour the stadium I had spent many a fall day, and finally understood what Columbus actually was. Beautiful.

By the time we headed back I knew the rest would be perfect. The weather was breaking and a December sun was even parting through the cloud coated skies. We flew over our friends and as she turned to me with tears in her eyes, I asked:

“Katlin, will you do me the unbelievable honor of becoming my wife?”

She said yes. And with that, my world began anew.

12.11.10 [Katlin]

It had all started on Wednesday. I received a message from Parker exclaiming that we had won the Holiday Helicopter Ride from a local restaurant. In shock and disbelief, I agreed not to mention that we had won to his co-workers, since they supposedly had agreed “no girlfriends if we win–we’ll take the group in anyone is chosen,” and Parker had decided to take me instead. We planned for that Saturday at noon.

Saturday morning we woke up to a brisk December day in Columbus. We got ready, choosing our attire the night before for this occasion, because at Parker had put it, “We need to look really good! When else are we ever going to have the chance to go on a helicopter ride?” Followed by, “I also want it to look like riding in helicopters is no big thing, and we have the money to do it every day”– uh-huh.

Looking fine as can be, we make our way to the airport on the west side. Parker even almost made a convincing wrong turn at the stoplight until I corrected him. The pilots were waiting, and we wasted no time getting to the tarmac and loading ourselves into the backseat of the chopper. Headphones on, butterflies in stomach, we took off smoothly.  Houses and cars looked like Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. A circle around downtown and the high-rises, over the Oval and around the Horseshoe, and on to see our house in Clintonville. A pretty amazing view. We started to head back, and I asked (so lovingly) if we could make another circle around downtown so Parker could see the view on his side. Then off to the airport.

The pilot asked, “What are those people doing down there?” I looked at the tarmac, saw nothing, and replied “I don’t know.” After another couple attempts, Parker leaned across my lap and pointed, “Right. There!” I saw the letters. And the first thought through my mind? “Oh cute! Someone’s going to get engaged today; I wonder if we’ll see!” And then it hit me–this was for me. Tearing up, I turned to Parker, who had the red box in his hand, and asked:

“Katlin, will you do me the unbelievable honor of becoming my wife?”

I said yes.  And with that, my world began anew.

I know, right?  We can’t wait for their June 2012 wedding!!  Big thanks to Katlin and Parker for letting me share their above and beyond proposal!!!

Etsy Find Friday: Guestbook Puzzle

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Bringing back Etsy Find Friday to share with you a very cute guestbook idea!

Bella Puzzles Too creates these adorable custom guestbook puzzles from your photo.

You send her a picture, she creates a custom wooden jigsaw puzzle and ships it to you.  At your wedding, your guests sign the back of a piece and then either put the pieces into a basket or box or they help reassemble the puzzle at your reception.

Pricing ranges from a 20 piece,  11″ x 14″ puzzle for $80 to a 140 piece, 17″ x 21″ puzzle for $490.  The 140 piece is the largest puzzle available so if you need more pieces, she recommends that you do two puzzles.  Depending on the size, you can also include initials, the date, a symbol like a heart or your names in the puzzle in addition to the traditional jigsaw puzzle shaped pieces.

Lead time is long – 12 weeks – so you’ll need to plan ahead on this one!

I wish I had known about this for my daughter’s first birthday party – totally would have had one made for her!