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Etsy Find Friday: Real Flower Jewelry

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Forgive me for skipping last week’s Etsy Find – I was on site all day at a corporate event and didn’t get a chance to post! But I promise today’s find is worth the wait!

I love the trend of brides and maids and flower girls wearing flowers in their hair – whether they are real flowers or fake made from silk or feathers.  I was so excited when I saw Island Girl’s Design‘s real rose hairpin – how perfect would this sweet bobby pin with a real tea rose be for a flower girl?  LOVE!

Those are real roses that have been dipped in resin to preserve them – so cool!  The tea roses run $17 while the larger flowers go up from there.  I am currently coveting the large red rose hair piece ($40) – would look darling on a side pony (that’s for my Kentucky girls).

Vendor Conversation: Columbus Boudoir

Monday, September 13th, 2010

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Heather from Columbus Boudoir and she answered a few questions for me about this growing trend!

Business Name: Columbus Boudoir
Name: Heather Walker
Phone Number:740-531-6657
Email Address: heather {@} columbusboudoir {dot} com
Website Address:
Blog Address:

How did you get started in boudoir photography?
I have always enjoyed portrait photography and making people look amazing.  I stumbled across boudoir from a wedding site almost three years ago, and it peaked my interest. I spent around 6 months researching and practicing before I took an actual boudoir client. Ever since I started with boudoir, it has been something I really enjoy and want to continue as my specialty.

Why do you love doing boudoir sessions?
I really enjoy the whole process of a boudoir session.  Discussing all the ideas with clients, usually they are so excited… it is a real big deal for them to do this.  It is so rewarding to show a woman how gorgeous she is. Some women come in so insecure or say they never look good in photos. I love to show them that once they relax, and we do our part…they look so amazing!

What occasions are you seeing women (and men and couples!) do sessions for besides weddings?
Wedding gifts are a top reason women do this… but along with that, there are anniversaries, birthdays, and some married women do this because they realize they are going to be starting a family and want to document themselves prior to that as well, we also have women come in for their birthday milestones like 30 -40 -50.  Couples are starting to inquire about sessions together to showcase them in a more intimate setting. The couples sessions are kind of like engagement sessions, but we are in a bedroom set and other intimate sets, and this gives them a chance to be looking amazing together..something they can both have to look at and cherish through their relationship.

What would you say to women who aren’t comfortable with their bodies?  Do you have tricks for hiding those bits that we would rather not show?
Most women have something about their bodies they are insecure about.  If someone isn’t comfortable with their body, we try to bring out their best assets. We discuss what his favorite parts of her body are, and we discuss how we can highlight those parts.  We have many poses that help accentuate the best with someones figure, and our lighting can highlight areas, and downplay other areas.

What should someone expect when from a boudoir shoot with you?
With a Columbus Boudoir session, the woman is our focus. We want her experience from discussing the session, to makeup, to the photoshoot to be a very relaxing, and fun experience. We want her to leave the session feeling amazing about herself. We want to wow them with their images, and let them know they can look as great as the models in magazines!

What should someone bring with them to the shoot?
We suggest bringing your intimate outfits, shoes, hose, and any accessories you might think work with your outfits.  We will work with them to help decide on the best outifts for what type of session they are wanting.  We have gals that look at Victoria’s Secret as inspiration, and some that want a more pin-up style. At our studio we also have a ton of heels for you to wear if you forget or just can’t find that right pair… we have jewelry, hair accessories, as well as some corsets and other items they might want to try.

How much do your shoots run and what is included?
Our sessions start at 395.00 for a 2 outfit session. The session is an hour long, and also includes makeup with a professional makeup artist. We have a full package and a la carte menu that we would be happy to send out via email to any that inquires.

Any tips for putting your best foot…or hip or leg forward in the shoot?
Tips for preparing for a successful photo session would be to eat a light meal, so you have some energy, and drink water to keep your skin hydrated. Prepare your skin with lotion prior to shoot if you have dry skin. (Please do not use glitter lotion)  Manicure all nails, and make sure you shave or wax pretty as well! Some women can benefit from practicing their model face in the mirror as well!

A few of Heather’s favorite pictures:

Gorgeous!  Thanks Heather for the chat!

Etsy Find Friday: Mr. and Mrs. Silverware

Friday, September 10th, 2010

One of my clients actually bought these vintage forks with Mr. and Mrs. stamped in them from the Beach House Living shop.  She and her new husband will be using them to feed each other cake on the wedding day!  Aw, love it!

Since the forks are vintage, the forks are pretty much one of a kind so if you love a pattern in their shop, buy it quickly!

DIY Photobooth Prop: Chalkboard Bubbles

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

I have mentioned my affinity for photobooths in the past and posted about the mustaches on a stick that are all the rage right now.  I am excited to share another super cute DIY project for the photobooth – via Oh Happy Day: DIY Chalkboard Talk Bubbles!

All you need to make those little cuties is an exacto knife, some foam core board and some chalkboard contact paper (Who knew they made such a thing?! Brilliant!).  And that’s it!  For full details and tutorial, click here.  You could also make this with chalkboard paint and plywood but this version requires no power tools and would be a whole lot lighter for your guests to hold up while getting their pics taken.  Have a good supply of chalk for your guests and see what they have to say!

Love, love, love!  I am seriously considering making some to let my clients use because I think they are so darn cute!  If you do make them, please send me pictures of your guests using them – would love to share!

Etsy Find Friday: Six Degrees Wedding Chart

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

I am nosy.  I admit it.  I love knowing the back history, I love knowing how other people know each other and how they all relate.  I often ask how people are interconnected so when I saw this, I loved it immediately!

Now this is a splurge at $745 but I just thought this was so cool I couldn’t not share!  Your guests will be able to see exactly how every one of your guests is connected to you and each other.

Melangerie also has gorgeous seating charts that are along the same lines – great conversation starters!

Wedding OoO Wednesday: Newport, RI

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Please welcome Stephanie Frazier Grimm from Couture Parties in Newport, Rhode Island!

Why do you love doing weddings in Newport?

I LOVE being a Newport Wedding Planner because I am a  true “islander” I am born and raised here, and I love to share all the quaint spots and share some history of them with my couples.  Couples enjoy this seaside town, that I am fortunate enough to call home. Also because we are the smallest state, we offer a lot or traditions of family owned businesses and couples appreciate that and usually incorporate them into their reception.  From Del’s lemonade, to Newport Creamery Awful Awfuls to Coffee Milk and Quahogs, Rhode Island is happy to share their finds.

What are some of your favorite Newport wedding locations?

When you think of Newport, RI you think beach, boats, navy blazers, traditional New England,  and historic mansions.  Most couples wedding photos are taken around Ocean Dr on the cliff side ocean front with historic homes in the distance.  The Newport Bridge (you have to go over a bridge to get to Newport since we live on an island) Newport is a GREAT destination spot for weddings because we offer every type of venue.  Beach front, Sailboats, farms, historic mansions, vineyards all with an ocean view make Newport so desirable. There is not one venue that says “Newport” they all offer different elements, all with the ocean within a mile of them. Rosecliff Mansion may be our highest valued venue, offering a gilded age authentic mansion as well as museum with strolling lawns with a cliff side setting of the Atlantic Ocean. Breath taking.

Tell us what makes this wedding so quintessentially Newport:

You know when you meet a couple, and you just know they were meet to be together? Well this was John & Emily.  Her being “please do not draw any attention to me” and him “the brighter the colors the better!”  The couple went to high school together in Connecticut, and went separate colleges in Washington DC, and now are back in NYC.  Newport is a favorite location of the bride and had many memories there because her and her family summered there. So when it came time to plan their wedding there wasn’t a doubt to get married at the exclusive Bailey’s Beach. (Private Beach Club in Newport)

The bride was very enthusiastic to make this wedding as personal and traditional as possible.  All of their mutual high school and college friends were in attendance as well as many family members.

The ceremony was held at historic Salve Regina University in Newport. Emily’s dress was by designer Monique Lhuillier.  She carried a bouquet of hydrangeas and peach/white roses (peach roses were what her mother and grandmother had carried so she wanted to incorporate them) The bridesmaids wore chartreuse short strapless dresses.  Though you usually see the groom in a bow tie and madras blazer, he and his groomsmen (all twelve of them and the brides dad and grooms dad) wore white cotton pants with embroidered whales on them with navy blue blazers and a green silk tie to match the bridesmaids.  The groomsmen passed out programs with the couples monogram on it that was designed by the brides Aunt. The monogram was also on each place card and the table numbers.

All guests were then transported to the reception by trolleys.  John is an avid golfer so Emily wanted to incorporate Golf into the reception some how. We got personalized green golf tees, and I made paper “golf balls” and glued each one on top of the tee. I then wrote each guests name on them with their seat assignment. These were the escort cards.  I displayed them in fresh wheat grass.

After the cocktail hour, a bag piper played (to honor their heritage) to the guests as they were taking their seats for the couple’s first dance as husband and wife.  The guests feasted on filet mignon, an ice cream bar, basket weave cake that resemble their Tiffany’s China, and baseball cookies to look like the grooms favorite team, The New York Yankees.

Guests danced the night away to the Band Right On out of Washington DC.   The only way that the band stopped playing was when the police came and told us we were breaking the noise ordinance!  Upon the guests departure they were served mini grilled cheeses, water bottles and treats from the navy blue and green candy bar.

Venue- Baileys Beach Newport, RI (private venue)
Florist- Bellevue Florist
Coordination/Décor- Couture Parties
Catering- Bailey’s Beach (private venue)
Cake/Cookies- Fatulli’s Bakery
Transportation- Viking Newport Trolleys
Band- Right On
Thanks to Stephanie for sharing this perfectly preppy, perfectly pretty wedding!  Newport is on my list of places to visit!