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First Things First: U

Friday, July 31st, 2009

U is for Unfortunate Mongrams (make sure yours isn’t!)

You have probably seen all kinds of monograms for wedding – frilly letters, intertwined letters, clean and classic letters – the options are endless!  But before you set your heart on using a monogram, make sure your monogram isn’t going to offend anyone – If you name is Kathryn and his is Ken and his last name is Kirkpatrick…probably not going to want to use that particular monogram on your cake.

Remember, bride’s initial is first, then your new last name, then groom’s first name.  Pamela and Samuel Michelson are not going to have the best monogram either (yes, it would be PMS).

Alison and Scott Smith should probably choose something else too.

I could go on but you get the picture – just a quick double check will save you a little disappointment before you have your heart set.

First Things First: T

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

T is for Theme (no, I do not mean doves or hearts or cherubs)

While you can have a very obvious theme, sometimes a theme can be as simple as a color or motif or logo or small detail that you pull all the way through.  I talk to my clients a lot about finding a thread and pulling it all the way through the wedding.

Recently, you read about Rachel and Eric and their science themed wedding.  The invitations and all the paper had science themes to them, the wedding location was science themed and the place cards were test tubes!  We pulled that thread all the way through and since the bride is a science teacher and the groom is a med student – it fit them.

Look for that little thing or shared interest or commonality and run with it.  And by all means, if that is doves or cherubs, knock yourself out!

Love the fish eye!

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

I think any wedding planner is a fan of details – we kind of have to be.  We revel in the little things – the way a napkin is folded to hold a menu or the way a special family heirloom is displayed or the way the cake design compliments the bride’s gown or (my favorite) the place/escort card display.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that Rachel and Eric had one of my favorite displays ever!  Ryan and Holly from Gauper Photo just posted a little teaser on their Facebook and I snagged this to show you:

Test Tube Placecards

More to come but that is a great example of why you should let your (detail obsessed) planner have a little fun with your details!

First Things First: S

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

S is for Size (it does matter!)

There is often a fine balance between how many people you would like to have at your wedding and how many you can actually afford!  Decide on the general size that you would like:

Do you want a huge party with 250+ people that goes all night?  Or would you prefer an intimate, close family and friends celebration?  The average wedding is somewhere around 150-175 but in the end it is up to what you want.

One last thing – under NO circumstances should you book a venue and then invite more people than it can actually hold, hoping that people will RSVP no.  One of my past couples had 7 no responses out of 184 people invited.


99.96% of their guests that said yes.  Don’t count on any certain number saying no and hope that it will all work out – your guests might surprise you and if they do, they deserve to be welcomed in comfort!

First Things First: R

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

R is for Relatives (everyone is getting some new ones!)

If your families – especially your parents – have not met yet, set up a casual dinner for you all to get to know each other a little better!  Not going to lie – it can be nerve wracking the first time everyone meets but you might get lucky and your parents might hit it off!  I have one couple whose parents became best friends after meeting – that was a really fun wedding because they had taken dance lessons together.  Trust me, it was a riot!

On a similar note, if there is something in your future spouse’s family that you don’t know well, ask them out to dinner one on one.  Who knows?  Maybe you will wind up adding to your bridal party!

First Things First: Q

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Q is for Questions (you probably have tons!)

Your head is probably spinning with tons of questions – who will hold the doors open at the church?  Who is going to give toasts at the reception?  Should I hire someone to do my makeup?  What if it rains – where will we take pictures?  And on and on and on!

Start writing down every single question that pops randomly into your head and then research them – keep a notebook with you because there are so many details, you will forget the questions you have about them.  Write it down!

New Series: Site Visits

Friday, July 24th, 2009

No secret that I love to do series posts – from my Last Minute Tips to Vendor Conversations to Flowers 101 to my current project of First Things First, I have a lot of fun putting them together!  With that in mind, I am thrilled to announce my newest series kicking off in a couple of weeks – Site Visits.

I will be visiting some of the great wedding reception sites in the Columbus area – I am including well known as well as the well kept secrets plus some hidden gems.  They will run the gamut from traditional sites to not so traditional and lots in the middle as well.  Columbus has some terrific sites and I can’t wait to share them with you.

If you have any particular sites you would like to learn more about, just drop me a note and make sure to check back for Site Visits starting in August!

First Things First: P

Friday, July 24th, 2009

P is for Priorities (set yours!)

Setting your priorities is as easy (or hard depending on how you look at it) as writing down your top 5 most important things – be it food, music, photos, flowers, your dress, your rings, your honeymoon.  Once you have that list, look at your budget and make sure you have things allocated based on what YOU want – not what the wedding industry tells you should be important!

First Things First: O

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

O is for Old (and new, borrowed and blue!)

It might seem really early to start thinking about these things but if you are planning to ask Grandma for that special pin that she used to wear or the pocket watch that Grandpa used to carry, you might want to give them time to find them!

Even a little head’s up that you would like to borrow them is a good start.

First Things First: N

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

N is for NCAA, NBA, NFL, NHL and MBA (even though the MBA doesn’t start with N)

This goes back to setting the date but if you are getting married in a sports town, compare your wedding date with the team’s schedule.  If your wedding happens to fall on the same weekend as a home game, block your hotel rooms early!

And if you are getting married in Columbus, don’t get married on OSU vs. U of M weekend – trust me on this, life is easier when you don’t have to fight THAT crowd.