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Website survey – we just need a minute!

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

I promise, this will only take a minute of your time!  If you wouldn’t mind, please click on the link below and answer 9 quick, easy questions about different design aspects of wedding vendor’s websites.

Wedding Vendor Website Survey

We won’t record anything about you other than what state or country you are from – we don’t even ask for your email address so no spam or anything like that.

You will likely see this link on lots of other blogs and sites – this survey is being shared all over the blog-o-sphere so please take the survey only once.

If you have additional comments on the subject, please feel free to email me with those and I will share them with the other wedding vendors who are participating!  We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

(If you are a wedding vendor and would like to participate, just copy this post to your blog and email the link to emilie {@} emilieduncan {.} com – I will send you the results once we have closed the survey in March)

Conversation Closed: Videography

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Thank you so much to Blues Skies and Prodigy for taking the time to answer my questions and show us a sample of their work – it is easy to see why they are busy, busy, busy and brides and grooms LOVE them!

There are other companies in town who are now offering video services but these are two of my favorites.  I really like that they focus solely on video and don’t offer other services – they are experts at what they do and don’t dabble in what they don’t know.  That puts them high in my book for referrals!

Thanks again to the Videographers and watch for my Vendor Conversations with Floral Designers coming in late February – I am letting them finish all those Valentine’s Day orders before I hit them with questions!

Vendor Conversations: Prodigy Video

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

When I asked other videographers and planners who they recommend, Prodigy was on more than one list. Their work is beautiful and it is easy to see why they are a favorite in Columbus!

Business Name: Prodigy Video
Name: Nathan Nazeck
Phone Number: 614.206.5732
Email Address: nathan {@} {dot} com
Website Address:
Blog Address:

How did Prodigy Video come to be?
I spent much of my childhood with a video camera in my hand. I was constantly filming the mundane details of life (driving my parents crazy in the process). I spent my teenage years filming random church youth group videos and began to film weddings for family and friends. Somewhere along the line I realized that I might be one of the few lucky people who actually get to do what they love for a living.

How would you describe your style?
Complete. We like to think that we complete memories. We fill in the missing parts. The things you didn’t get to see, the moments that flew by so quickly. We supplement your memories to complete the way you’ll remember the big day.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?
Filming in a different situation each day. Every location brings its own rewards, challenges, and beauty. I love meeting new people and for that one special day being a part of the inner circle of friends and family and all of the emotions that come out of it.

How many people shoot for Prodigy?
There are four of us… myself, Dave, Aerika, and Erik

What is the starting investment for a wedding?

Anything else we should know about Prodigy?
There are a lot of stereotypes that pertain to wedding videos. Our purpose from day one has been to try and redefine what a wedding film should be. We have distanced ourselves from the typical obtrusive light in your face style that has given so many people a bad impression. One wedding at a time we try to undo the stereotype and give everyone involved the best experience we can.

Childhood ambition?
Baseball Player

Dream vacation?
Disney with my family or Hawaii with my wife.

Last time you laughed until it hurt?
My kids seem to find a way to make me laugh every day. My 1 year old’s favorite activity this week is stealing my wireless mouse and hiding it in random places.

Favorite part of a wedding day?
The moment the Bride & Groom realize that the hardest part is over and they start to relax and enjoy themselves.

Last thing you bought?
A Wii game for the kids (or was that for me?)

Greatest length gone to get the perfect shot?
Hanging out the side of a moving van dragging the camera an inch from the ground following a motorcycle…it was a great shot.

Favorite animal at the zoo?
The ducks that come to hang out in the lake in the middle…I think its hilarious that they are there by choice, they get to be part-time zoo animals.

Can’t live without?
My wife… and my phone… but only because it connects me closer to my wife 🙂

Hidden talent?
I can drive a stick, talk on the phone while eating a sandwich and writing on a notepad…does that count? How about if it’s snowing?

Favorite quote?
“I’m sick of following my dreams, I’m just gonna ask them where their going and hook up with them later”-Mitch Hedberg

Best compliment ever received?
“I carry the video with me daily and continue to watch it constantly!”

If you weren’t a videographer, what would you be?
Probably a photographer or a poor struggling musician.

Describe your perfect day.
A day with the family anywhere that I can enjoy watching my kids having the time of their lives.

Please share with us you favorite video clip or highlight reel.

Highlights of ’08 -Prodigy Video from Prodigy Video on Vimeo.

Thank you to Nathan for answering my questions!

Vendor Conversations: Blue Skies Wedding Productions

Monday, February 9th, 2009

As you may know, I am lucky enough to share studio space with Blue Skies and I am also a huge fan.  I first met Julie and Chris at Meredith and Steve’s wedding back in 2006 and fell in love with their work – it is simply gorgeous and they are a lot of fun too.  My clients have always told me that they instantly felt at ease with Julie and Chris – always a good thing on your wedding day.  And I am madly in love with their 8mm films – so romantic and timeless.

Business Name: Blue Skies Wedding Productions, LLC (aka Blue Skies HD Video)
Name: Julie & Chris Hedrick
Phone Number: 614.890.4045
Email Address: info {@} blueskiesweddingproductions {dot} com
Website Address:

How did Blue Skies Video Productions come to be?
Chris and Julie created Blue Skies after becoming engaged and discovering the frustration of finding a professional, experience wedding videographer. Both Chris and Julie have extensive background in TV news and film production so it was a natural fit.

How would you describe your style
Our clients say, “…the best investment from our wedding”… but we say, modern (no cheesy graphics and no cheesy music), unique, custom, very story telling, movie-ish (again with no cheese), timeless, classy, and a heck of a lot of fun!

What is your favorite aspect of your job?
Pre-wedding: Meeting all the different types of people, hearing their stories, getting to know them (and often their parents, families and friends) then getting to be a part of one of the most exciting days of their lives.

Post-wedding: Telling clients when they get their DVDs, “let us know what you think when you get around to it…” then our clients calling about two hours later screaming they loved our work. Very good high. And when they call us again years down the road for baby videos, home videos and often, just for their employer’s video needs.

How many people shoot for Blue Skies?
Two main people (the owners, Chris & Julie Hedrick) then we have a team of 5 solid freelancers who have all trained with us/Blue Skies for years, and all except one have at least several Emmy nominations, if not Emmy awards, and have worked in professional telelvision for years. We only use the freelancers in case we break a leg, have a child (FYI – we’re done having kids) or have a major emergency.

What is the starting investment for a wedding?

Anything else we should know about Blue Skies?
Since we started our wedding video company, we since have earned two Emmy awards, 13 Emmy nominations and were voted Best of Wedding Videography by The Knot national magazine. Our studio is located in uptown Westerville on the corner of State Street and College Ave. and we’re available to meet by appointment.

Childhood ambition?
Chris: ‘Play By Play’ as a sportscaster
Julie: I got sucked into the world of TV at the age of 14 with Cabot Rae at Channel 4/local Columbus NBC — ask me for the story — it’s crazy. And always knew I’d be somewhere in the television world.

Dream vacation?
Chris: One trip around the world.
Julie: Without our two kids…any place warm (but not too hot), beautiful crystal blue water, chillin’ with my best friend/hubby, Chris, with a personal executive chef, an exercise trainer and perhaps given a daily rub down. But I’d miss my kids.
With our two kids…to Mars with my 3 year old… he wants to be the first person to Mars and I think he might actually do it — or at least work for NASA.

Last time you laughed until it hurt?
Chris: Yesterday I was in the car with my family on a road trip here in Florida, and my three year old son said, “why did the pelicans get voted out of office?”
Julie: About 30 seconds ago. Before that, last night I had tears from laughing at Chris almost driving though the neighborhood gate. That would have freaked these Florida blue hairs out!

Favorite part of a wedding day?
Chris: After the Bride and Groom see each other — it feels like the tension disappears for them.
Julie: The Bride coming down the aisle always ROCKS. Sometimes it’s also pre-ceremony where the nervous energy abounds.

Last thing you bought?
Chris: a bag of Twizzlers
Julie: dinner at Outback last night

Greatest length gone to get the perfect shot?
Chris: Risking arrest, I snuck across the Hudson River on an Army Corps boat to get over to Ground Zero in NYC — it was just a few hours after it happened and I was working for CBS.
Julie: Tough question. There’s nothing I WON’T do for the perfect shot. But I will restrain myself if it involves potential harm to others…

Favorite animal at the zoo?
Chris: The Elephants because they are BIG (and smell horrible… I used to do live shots for Channel 10 for the CMH zoo every Friday at noon).
Julie: all the crazy kids and their crazy parents who can’t keep them in control.

Can’t live without?
Chris: Julie, Alex and Ava.
Julie: Chris and my two beautiful kids, Alex and Ava. Plus, technically for our business, my parents who watch our kids at least every Saturday getting the best care ever!

Hidden talent?
Chris: I’m a juggler (not professional by any means) and a fairly good cyclist.
Julie: I’m an award winning Irish dancer — and no, I’ll never show you. Plus, I ran in my bikini next to Lance Armstrong in the 2000 Le Tour De France. Funniest part, Lance remembers me!

Favorite quote?
Chris: I can’t think of a favorite quote!
Julie: “I need that!” (from our one year old daughter who needs EVERYTHING but wants NOTHING).

Best compliment ever received?
Chris: “I didn’t cry the day of my wedding, but I cried watching my video.”
Julie: “Why didn’t we know about you when our other children got married?”

If you weren’t a videographer, what would you be?
Chris: A pilot.
Julie: I have no clue. Video is all that I know and all I’ve ever known.

Describe your perfect day.
Chris: Hanging out with my family — we’re laughing and having fun.
Julie: Chillin with my kids and husband… knowing all is well with our little world.

Please share with us you favorite video clip or highlight reel.

Thank you to Chris and Julie for answering my questions!

Coming up tomorrow: Prodigy Video

Vendor Conversations: Videography

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Are any of the following true of the last wedding video you watched:

  • Was it shot by the groom’s Uncle Charlie?
  • Is any of it out of focus or shaky enough that it threatens to give you motion sickness?
  • Does the music behind it not quite fit the video – unless the couple actually played YMCA at their ceremony?
  • Is Great Aunt Cindy yelling into a microphone (with a cord) about how happy she is while being blinded by a really bright light?

If you answered yes to any of the above then listen up!  Videography has come a long way – think HD, think great editing, think no cheesy transitions! That is today’s videography.

To me, the greatest thing about videography is that it allows you to attend your own wedding as a guest. You get to relive the day plus see everything that you missed but heard about afterward.   The other lasting benefit is that down the road, after your loved ones have passed on, you can still watch them dancing at your wedding and hear their voices and remember them the way they were that day.  Personally, I would LOVE to have a video from my grandparent’s and parent’s wedding day.

My standard disclaim: none of the videographers here have paid anything and no one requested to be a part of this series – I picked them because first and foremost I love their work.  In addition, I either have had the pleasure of working with them personally or someone I have worked with very highly recommends them (i.e. someone told me, “when I am booked, I recommend…”).  Obviously, this is not every company that offers video services in Columbus but this is a very good start.

First up tomorrow is Blue Skies Videography!

Flowers 101: Sweet Pea

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Click for the 101 on Sweet Pea

Contests, giveaways & freebies – oh my!

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

There are some fun contests and freebies going on around the blog-o-sphere!

For starters, my good friends Lisa and Clay from Red Gallery Photography are giving away a free bridal portrait session to a bride who is wearing a dress from J Crew!  Visit Red Gallery’s blog for details!

The lovely Aletha from Pearls Events and Kristine from Figment Portraits are giving away a gorgeous digital print up to 18″ by 24″!  Visit Althea’s blog for details!

Lindsey from the Wed Michigan Blog is giving away a $25 gift card to Starbucks – all you have to do is submit your engagement story!  Visit Wed Michigan’s blog for details!

My name twin Emilie of emilie inc. photography’s raffle to benefit The Pink Initiative is still going on – $50 for a chance at jaw droppingly amazing photography?  And it benefits a GREAT cause?  Good all around!!  Visit Emilie’s blog for details!

Wedding Paper Divas is giving away a $500 gift certificate to their store for sharing your super romantic proposal story!  Visit their site for details!

Wishpot is giving away a copy of the brand new Real Simple Weddings 2009 for your thoughts on cake!  I don’t know about you, but I happen to like cake.  🙂  Visit Wishpot’s blog for details!

My friend Leslie from Leslie Manning Events is giving away a copy of ‘Something New’ by Elise Mac Adam to one bride who answers some quick questions for her.  Visit Leslie’s blog for details!

This one is perfect for all you brides in Maryland and thereabouts – A&H Events is giving away a bridal bouquet for the most creative DIY invitation!  Visit Andrea’s blog for details!

My dear friend Meredith from Elegant Engagements is giving away two candles from Aromatherapy Interventions to two lucky readers!  Visit Meredith’s blog for details!

If anyone has any more that they would like me to add, just drop me a line!  Good luck everyone!