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Liz + John: 09.21.08

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

The Story
One of the first things that Liz told me when I met with her and her Mom for the first time was that she HATES traditional weddings. She thinks they are boring, she dislikes all the traditional events and there would be NONE of that at her wedding – no dances, no introductions, no bouquet and garter toss, no boredom allowed! She summed up the wedding she wanted as simple, pretty, rustic and completely unexpected with sunflowers everywhere! I would have to say, we nailed it!

Liz and John met while Liz was in high school but as often happens with young love, the relationship ended and they went their separate ways. 5 years later, they got back in touch and picked up right where they left off.

Their wedding took place on a Sunday afternoon at Highbanks Metro Park exactly a week after the Columbus area got hit by a Hurricane Ike related wind storm – we all were quite thankful that the wedding wasn’t scheduled for the weekend before! Guests were directed to the wedding by a wooden sign that was handmade by the groom. We later used it as a signing board in lieu of a guestbook.

Liz wanted a simple wedding ceremony in a pretty setting so we set up rows of white chairs in a clearing under a huge old tree with lots of sunflowers on the aisle. Liz carried a bouquet of big yellow sunflowers while her girls carried bouquets of smaller, reddish sunflowers with the stems wrapped in burlap. Liz was walked down the aisle by her brother to the music of a bluegrass band led by her cousin’s husband. After a very sweet and a very short ceremony, Liz and John walked back down the aisle and rather than bubbles or petals or birdseed, they were ‘showered’ with Silly String. Trust me when I say, it fit their personalities to a T and it made for some great pictures!

The guests enjoyed lemonade, tea, pastries and bluegrass music while the bridal party took pictures. After the non-alcoholic cocktail hour (no alcohol allowed in the Metro Parks, after all), the guests were lead over a small footbridge through a gathering of trees to the Northern Shelter for dinner.

We set up the pavilion by pushing together the loooooong picnic tables to make six 20′ tables. The tables were covered with brown and terracotta linens with burlap runners. Mason jars filled with sunflowers and candles lined the center of each table. We hung 80 lanterns in white, chocolate and mango from the rafters and lined the outside pillars with huge cornstalk arrangements. Liz’s father passed away very unexpectedly 6 years ago so we put pictures of him with Liz and Liz and John with lots of candles on the mantel of the fireplace. It was a lovely tribute to someone who was greatly missed and probably the most commented on part of the wedding.

After dinner, the guests enjoyed a cornhole tournament (for those of you not from Ohio, it is a beanbag toss game) and rounds of horseshoes. It was the perfect end to a wedding that was exactly what the bride and groom ordered – pretty, rustic, simple and unexpected. Liz and John wanted a party that happened to include a wedding and that was exactly what they got.

Liz and her family have faced some tough situations in the time they have been with me including mom’s battle with cancer – this wedding was exactly what they needed to forget all that for a little while and just celebrate life, love and family. Since those are what any wedding should include, I guess there was something traditional in there after all. 🙂

The Elements
Planner: Emilie Duncan Event Planning
Florist: DIY with flowers from Anderson Orchard
Photographer: Grogan Studios
Wedding Cake and Groom’s Cake: Our Cupcakery
Ceremony and Reception Site: Highbanks Metro Park
Catering: Hoggy’s Catering
Linens and Rentals: Lasting Impressions

The Pictures
More coming soon from Alison and Brian at Grogan Studios!

New Gallery on EDEP!

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Melissa and Paul by Grogan Studios

You can’t tell from this picture but it was SO HOT on Melissa and Paul’s wedding day! Looks nice and cool by all that water but I was so glad to get everyone back into the air conditioning with no casualties!

You can read my full recap here


Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Can we take a quick detour for a moment into the world outside weddings and EDEP?

We are still 42 days away from election days but only 13 days from the cut off for voter registration in Ohio – you only have until October 6 to get registered if you want to vote in Ohio!

No matter which candidates you support this year, I think everyone can agree this is a REALLY important year in politics and the history of our country. You can talk/debate/scream/cry/fuss until you are purple in the face about who is a better choice but it won’t matter if you aren’t registered to vote for them!

Franklin County: info on registering and early voting

Other counties and states: State by State Voter Registration Info.

If you don’t vote, you lose your voice.

Okay, okay, I hear you!

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

It has been rather crazy around here lately – getting ready for a certain 1 year old’s birthday party in a week and Liz and John’s wedding the following weekend! Lots of things to do and lots of projects – I will post pictures from both events once I get them in my hot little hands.

To keep you busy until I have time for a proper blog post here are a few new websites that I have recently discovered:

Foodzie – not launched yet but it promises to be to food what Etsy is to crafty things. Basically, they plan to give small, artisanal food purveyors a wider market and more exposure.

Swanky Tables Blog – A fun blog with lots of recipes, party ideas, decorating and more.

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours – did you know there was a company that does zip line tours of the Hocking Hills area? Even though I am scared to death of heights, I might have to put this one on my to do list!

Bakarella – Someday I will have enough time to try to make their now famous cupcake pops, until then, I will just live vicariously.

There – now, no more yelling at me nudging me, okay? I am still alive – just working and trying to figure out where the last year has gone…I can’t believe my baby turns one on Sunday.