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Sleep deprived but blissfully happy…

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

That pretty much sums it up! Life is good. 🙂

I am having a hard time believing that it has already been a month since Ellie was born! Life with her has been wonderful. Despite the title, I am actually not that sleep deprived – so far so good with her sleeping in 4 hour stretches. Not bad for a newborn. She is still tiny, tiny – everyone seems to comment on how little she is. I just see her getting more chubby every day so I guess I don’t notice it.

I have created a site and blog for Ellie – There are a bunch of pictures (click here for an amazing amount of cuteness) and some video there as well – enjoy! I will update that site with Ellie related things from here on out and this blog will go back to being wedding and Emilie Duncan Event Planning related – really it will. 🙂

A few more days left of maternity leave and then I will be back into the swing of things. Leaving you with one of our favorite pictures of Ellie taken by DGN Photo when she was 2 weeks old: