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When showerheads attack!

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

I am sitting in Panera partaking in a bagel and free wi-fi access (our internet and cable won’t be installed for another couple of weeks – too much going on around the house).

We are making good progress on the house so far. Basically we are dismanteling the family room and then putting it back together without the 70’s paneling and ceiling beams. A before picture with the previous owner’s things:

You can see the beams on the ceiling but probably cannot tell that the walls are texture painted (almost a stucco-y type of substance) over wallpaper which is over the original, hard-as-a-rock, ever-so-attractive 70’s era wood paneling.

We are about half way through the demolition – some pictures:

The ceiling after with one beam down, 3 to go – we were very happy to find that the only damage to the ceiling was the holes from the bolts holding the beams up – no other damage so a good coat of paint should take care of the discoloration:

The ceiling once all the beams were gone:

On to the walls!
The first strips of paneling down – much harder to do than anticipated:

And the current condition of the room – about half the paneling is gone, but the rest of tricky because of outlets, light switches and alarm boxes:

Now, you may be wondering why the title of this post is “When Showerheads Attack” but I haven’t mentioned showerheads. Well, this morning Randy got up for work and for some reason kept shutting the water off and then turning it on while showering. This is not normally how a shower is taken so I was curious. Well, the previous owners had those handheld shower heads with hoses rather than fixed shower heads.

I had planned to remove them ASAP anyway but the fact that the head of the hose pops off at the slightest touch, causing water to shoot directly at the ceiling, soaking the whole bathroom in the process just sped that up. Maybe the house didn’t like we were tearing things down?

Off to Home Depot for a new shower head. Have a lovely weekend!

Happy Birthday Randy!

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

A very happy birthday to my very best friend and amazing husband, Randy. I love you!

(How cute is he?)

45. Buy a new house

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

45. Buy a new house

We closed on our new house on Friday, October 13! We are already tackling the renovation (wait until you see the changes to the family room – think pictures of Randy and I in safety glasses and toolbelts!)

This is now home:

Hot stock tip and upcoming time off!

Thursday, October 12th, 2006

If you ever thought about buying stock in Home Depot, Lowes or Sherman Williams, now would be a really good time – we are closing on the house tomorrow and will be spending a lot of time (and money) at those places!

EDEP will be on vacation through October 22 while we get renovation and painting underway. I will be responding to emails once a day so if there is a delay in my getting back to you, please bear with me!

Wish us luck on the closing – which is taking place on October 13! EEK!

Dave + Amanda: 10.07.06

Monday, October 9th, 2006

Dave and Amanda are married! It was a gorgeous night wedding – Amanda walked down the aisle at 8:30! It was a clear, chilly fall night with a gorgeous full moon looking down over the whole event.

We are so happy for both of them – Dave has been Randy’s best friend for years and has become a close friend of mine as well. Amanda is perfect for him and just an amazing person – I am so glad they found each other!

Pictures – lots of pictures but none of Dave and Amanda together! I have no idea why I never got them together but here are a few:

Rehearsal dinner:

Mandy and her girls:

Dave enjoying the wonderful food:

Randy and I:

Mandy and I:

Congrats to Amanda and Dave! May you have many happy years together. Lots of love!

So excited!

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

Because she just gave her notice at work, I can finally share! A good friend of mine from Cleveland is moving to Columbus! AND she is doing it to follow her heart.

Michele met Billy, they fell in love and she is moving to be with him!

I am so excited to have another friend in C-bus, that Michele has found someone wonderful and that she is following her heart.


Every mile between Columbus and Lexington

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

I think I can honestly say I know pretty much every mile of road between Columbus, Ohio and Lexington, Kentucky. I guess that is what happens when you drive back and forth between the two as much as I have been!

We are in contract on a house in Worthington, Ohio – a northwestern suburb of Columbus. Very excited because we have a closing date: October 18! Not sure when the movers will be picking up our things from Lexington but we have some painting and such to do so we might have them store it for a few days.

I will post pictures as we go along – there is a ton we want to do and just cannot wait to get started!

A little tidbit for anyone remodeling in a town with a Great Indoors – they will beat anyone’s price by 10% on tile, countertops, carpet, etc. All you need is a written price quote from another store and they will beat it! A good way to say a pretty good chunk of money on our new kitchen!

I have some very fun pictures to put up from some recent weddings – I will post when the new galleries are up! Have a happy October!