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Just one more reason I am SO GLAD I am married!

Sunday, July 30th, 2006

Just one more reason I love my husband so dearly and am so glad I am no longer in the dating world.

It started with an email forward about a bad date: Why Darren Sherman is cheap and an idiot. AKA How not to J-Date.

Then it hit the net: What happens when bloggers follow up and do a little research.

Then the voice mails spurred a song – Do The Right Thing: David Kraut – composer.

Now the newpapers are interested: The Washington Post and New York Daily News

What. An. Idiot. People amaze me.

Revenge – best served via scooter!

Friday, July 28th, 2006

Hilarious! Via the Manchester Evening News, across the pond:

Groom wheels out his revenge

The bride wasn’t the only one blushing at Matt Edgley’s wedding.

Matt, 30, a sales manager from Offerton, Stockport, decided to get his own back on the six ushers and two best men after they made him dance around a Manchester pub in a leopard-skin thong on his stag night.

He sprang a surprise after the ceremony at the Dean Row Chapel, Wilmslow, by handing his pals toy scooters decked in ribbons to get to the reception at the nearby Deanwater Hotel.

Stunned motorists saw the eight men hot-footing it down main roads still dressed in their fancy wedding outfits in the sweltering heat. Each scooter had its own personalised “number plate”.

Matt is now looking forward to a quiet and prank-free life with his wife, Victoria.

Washington, DC and Kimpton Hotels

Friday, July 28th, 2006

We are planning a trip to Washington, DC (haven’t been on a vacation lasting more than 4 days in nearly 4 years – not since our honeymoon in Scotland) and I came across the Kimpton Hotel family.

They have 40 hotels across the US and Canada including the very cool Rouge Hotel in DC. The prices are actually surprisingly reasonable (a king room for $129) and they have some very fun packages. This one sounds like heaven to me:

Soiree Rouge
In the mood to spice up your vacation? Then celebrate your fabulousness with this unique DC hotel package. Offering deluxe overnight accommodations, a red feather boa and full bottle of champagne, this special establishes that the District is anything but buttoned-down. Paint the town red with this lavish downtown Washington DC vacation package, which includes:

  • Overnight deluxe accommodations for two
  • Keepsake red feather boa to decorate yourself with our signature color
  • Full bottle of champagne upon arrival for the ultimate celebration
  • Chocolate truffles
  • Two 25-minute in-room Fleurs de Chocolat Hot Stone Massages, featuring chocolate and orange scented shea butter
  • Two �Adulteress� cocktails from the Bar Rouge
  • Complimentary 24-hour valet parking with in and out privileges
  • Champagne, truffles and massages? I’m in!

    Plus all of Kimpton’s locations are pet friendly, so maybe Truman will join us on our vacation.

    As far as things we plan to do and see, Randy is going to drag me to around the National Building Museum until my toes go numb so I plan to drag him to see the Hope Diamond at the Natural History Museum – all 45 carats of it! The International Spy Museum sounds fun and, of course what would a trip to DC be without a stop at the National Archives to complete number 14 on my 1001 Things list be?

    Any other suggestions for our trip? We will be there for at least 4 or 5 days so we should have lots of time!

    Lindsay + Nick: 07.22.06

    Monday, July 24th, 2006

    Lindsay and Nick were married on a rainy, unseasonably cool on a private island on Bass Lake in Cleveland. The plan was to have the ceremony outside on a large open section of the land with just the lake as backdrop and then move into a huge open tent for dinner which was to be connected to an open air pavilion for dancing and dessert.

    Unfortunately, Mother Nature had a different idea and gave us rain all day Saturday! So, rather than the planned outdoor ceremony, we simply moved the aisle under the big tent.

    (Lindsay and Nick’s wedding weekend started out quite eventfully – during set up on Thursday, it began to rain, HARD. And the wind began to blow, HARD. We were in the pavilion and had attached tent sides to a wire. The wind began to blow so hard that we were getting soaked, we tried to hold them down, we tried to tie them down but we actually got blown over by these wild tent sides! It crossed my mind several times that it felt like we were in the middle of a hurricane – as it turns out it was a microburst which is “a sudden, severe downdraft of wind, similar in force to a tornado, but doesn’t produce a funnel cloud.”)

    Lindsay told me she wanted lots of color in her wedding, especially pink – lots and lots of bright pink! We hung different sized Chinese lanterns everywhere in fuchsia, mango and white. Table cloths in bright pink, yellow and green stripes, gerbera daisies, hundreds and hundreds of twinkle lights and hanging candle lanterns made the whole wedding a feast for the eyes.

    Despite the change of plans and after a little bit of disappointment, Lindsay was a gorgeous, excited, lovely bride (she looks so much like Drew Barrymore, wait until you see the pictures). She was so excited to get to Nick and get married that she practically ran to the head of the aisle with her parents.

    In the end, the rain broke and it became a GORGEOUS summer evening with everyone enjoying dessert and dancing in the pavilion.

    Sometimes Plan A just doesn’t work out the way you had hoped but if you have amazing friends and family, Plan B can be pretty wonderful.

    Pictures of this very cool couple to come from Daryl at Falls Photography.

    15,768,000 minutes old

    Tuesday, July 18th, 2006

    As of 2:40 pm today, I will be exactly 30 years old – 15,768,000 minutes.

    Randy and I celebrated on Saturday with dinner out and I got my birthday present a couple of days early:

    It is so tiny – about the size of a credit card and thinner than my phone! I cannot wait to use it at Lindsay and Nick’s wedding this weekend!

    Grace + Sean: 07.14.06

    Sunday, July 16th, 2006

    Grace and Sean were Junior High School sweethearts! The story goes that Sean went home after meeting Grace and told his brother he was going to marry her – pretty bold words for a 13 year old! That was 13 years ago and they finally said their vows on a hot, hot, HOT day in Cleveland, Ohio – 1 year to the day after he proposed.

    The bridal party did all their pictures before the ceremony so they could join the party ASAP. The pictures in the church included an honorary member of the bridal party – Heidi, the Rottweiler that Grace and Sean got from NE Ohio Rottweiler Rescue. She even had a new collar that matched the bridesmaid dresses. Heidi was adorable and extremely well behaved. She also inspired the guest favors – a cookie shaped like a dog bone with a tag letting guests know that a donation had also been made to the NE Ohio Rottie Rescue in their names.

    After being lead out of the church by a bagpiper (a surprise for their families and guests), Grace and Sean climbed into a vintage Rolls Royce and headed to the reception. It was a little bit of private time in an otherwise busy day.

    The couple took a little time with their bridal party to just hang out before joining the cocktail hour but the guests were greeted by unique likenesses of the bride and groom. The Mother of the bride took pictures of both of them in their wedding outfits before the wedding and had life size – and I mean life size, Sean was 6’4″ – cut outs made. Guests had a great time getting their photos taken with the couple. Later in the evening the cut outs wound up on the dance floor – who knew foam core could dance like that?! The pictures are hilarious!

    I also got one of my favorite compliments – as I was saying good night to everyone, the Father of the bride told me when Grace and Sean hired me, he questioned the need for a wedding planner but by the end of the evening he said he completely understood why they had hired me and was so glad that they did.

    Grace and Sean were the last couple that I agreed to work with in Cleveland and I am SO glad that I was part of their day – I am so honored and proud that they allowed me to be.

    Pictures of this beautiful couple to come from Christine at Cirino Photography.

    All dogs DO go to Heaven…

    Busy couple of weeks ahead…

    Monday, July 10th, 2006

    I will more than likely be a bit MIA for the next couple of weeks – lots of fabulous things coming up:

  • This Wednesday, I leave for Grace and Sean’s Wedding in Cleveland (wait until you see the cutouts!)
  • Home to Lexington on Saturday for 5 days to celebrate my 30th birthday with Randy
  • Back to Cleveland on the 19th for Lindsay and Nick’s wedding (pray for the rain to stop!)
  • Back to Lexington on the 23rd

    It’s going to be a long but very fun couple of weeks! I will have my computer with me and have access to email and of course my phone will be with me the whole time (except for during weddings)!

  • I MUST have this t-shirt!

    Friday, July 7th, 2006

    I don’t think I can accurately represent just how much I love The Office. I love, love, love, love, love (!) this show. Therefore, I need this t-shirt:


    I know it is tiny, it reads: You can’t fire me, I don’t work in this van!

    This just screams 30th birthday gift to me!

    Ann Taylor joins the bridal market!

    Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

    Savvy brides have been dressing their bridesmaids in off the rack dresses from Ann Taylor and other women’s stores for some time now. Myself included – my lovely bridesmaids in their off the rack Ann Taylor gowns (faces removed to protect their privacy although two of them have been on pictured quite a few times through the site)**:

    Now brides can outfit themselves at Ann Taylor too. AT Online is taking orders for their new fall collection which includes a lovely Silk Dupioni Strapless Bridal Gown.

    Fancy that! A bridal gown that might actually be true to street size?!

    American Cancer Society Auction

    Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

    Got an extra 5K in your wedding budget?
    You could go bridal gown shopping at Kleinfeld’s with Carley Roney, founder of The Knot.

    Want to give your hubby a date with his crush, Rachael Ray? (yes, that was totally directed at Amanda)
    Bid to win him private cooking lessons with her!

    The American Cancer Society has teamed up with uber-wedding site The Knot to auction off all kinds of fun things on Charity Folks.

    Take a look at the over 100 lots up for grabs – but hurry, you only have until July 10th!