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Think COLOR!

Wednesday, April 5th, 2006

One of the presentations this past weekend was a sort of design forum on flowers and linen and using color. Brides are getting away from white flowers on white linens and pulling lots of color in – so pretty and the possibilities are seriously endless.

A gorgeous table with spray roses and pink and orange large plaid linens:

Tiffany blue and chocolate brown linens with brown cymbidium orchids – so simple, it has a clean, almost Asian feel to it, VERY pretty:

Is anyone shocked I liked this one? Pink peonies, kiwi green linens, silver chivari chairs – lovely:

I LOVE this linen – this was a white table cloth with various cutouts, in the cutouts were different backing material that changed the look of the cloth underneath. The under cloth in this picture was a pretty royal blue – so cool how it changed with the overlay. Imagine all the different possibilities with this cloth?

Black and White with a twist – literally! The overlay had the black ribbons sewn on so the texture was outstanding.

All these were put together by Lasting Impressions and Red Elegance in Columbus.

Back and forth with a dead laptop

Wednesday, April 5th, 2006

Back from Columbus, heading out again tomorrow and my laptop is dead.

I got back from Columbus on Sunday night – Conference was great, as always. Got to see some old friends, made some new ones, learned a lot and just had a wonderful time. A few pictures from the reception on Saturday night:

Beth and Abigail from Fairy Godmothers in Louisville:

Jessica from the Seelbach Hilton in Louisville:

Dancing the night away:

I am heading up to Cleveland tomorrow for a weekend of marathon meetings with my Cleveland clients – I can’t wait to see them! It feels like forever since I got to sit down and talk with them all. A tasting, planning meetings, a tent meeting – a busy weekend indeed!

And for the 2nd time in as many weeks my laptop is back in for repairs. I fired her up on Sunday night and the hard drive decided to die. This means I lost ALL my emails. ALL my favorites. SOME of the my files (I was smart enough to back up my files before sending it in last time but not the emails.) I get a new hard drive and hopefully all will finally be well but I have to recreate quite a few files and emails. UGH.

Another post with some trendy things coming up soon!