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This weekend

Monday, June 6th, 2005

Wow, was it ever hot in Cleveland. Pushing 90 degrees both days and the humidity was off the charts! I am becoming a heat wimp again! I was okay when we lived in Texas because you just get used to it (and you go from an air conditioned house to an air conditioned car to an air conditioned office). I used to laugh when people told me that 90 degrees was hot – we had streaks of 10 days where it never went under 90 – even overnight – when I was in Dallas! Is it fall yet?

Saturday, I assisted another coordinator friend at one of her weddings – we traded assistant duties and she will be helping me next weekend with Rakhee and Alex’s big day! The wedding was gorgeous but hot, church had no air conditioning and everyone was sticky after the full mass. A good day for everyone, I think!

Sunday was a lazy day including a quick catnap for me. Easily, my favorite way to spend an afternoon.

Rakhee and Alex get married on Saturday – lots of meetings and events this week to prepare including a Mendhi Party on Thursday which I am so excited for – never been to one so expect lots of pictures. The wedding is outside so pray for good weather and cooler temps!

Got an extra 10M laying around?

Monday, June 6th, 2005

Martha’s Turkey Hill to go on the market for 10 Mil.

My dear friend John

Wednesday, June 1st, 2005

I reconnected with a dear friend of mine yesterday!

John and I met when we were living in Astoria, Queens. I was sitting on the front stoop (a very New York activity) and he was moving into the apartment right below mine. He and the delivery guys from a local furniture store were quickly realizing that the couch he bought was not gonna fit through the small doors on our pre-war apartments. That is my first memory of John.

I think it was probably that evening I went down to his place and made myself at home. We instantly bonded. We were Will and Grace and we kept each other sane.

I used to spend pretty much every evening at his apartment, watching random TV and talking. If he ever got sick of me camping out there, he never let it show. We had a ritual for every award show and every beauty pageant. We never missed an award show montage! We made up our minds one weekend that we were going to go see the Dali Lama at Central Park but when that 6 am wakeup call rolled around we managed to justify for each other why we really shouldn’t go over the phone, still tucked in our respective apartments. He approved every date outfit and then made me check in when I got home to make sure I was okay. Then when the date was really bad (which was terribly often), he told me that it was them, not me.

We both decided to leave NYC at the same time – opportunities came for both of us and as it happened, we left within 2 weeks of each other. John and I decided that God would not have wanted us to be in the city without each other so he took us to completely different places. John moved to San Fran and I moved to Columbus.

We lost touch, as you do when you are a grown up and living across the country from each other. But, we have both vowed not to let that happen again. He was a force of sanity and love in a very volatile time in my life and I am blessed that he is back.