101 Things – Round 4

101 Things in 1001 Days – Round 4!

Official start date: January 1, 2014

Official end date: September 28, 2016

Official progress report: 53 completed, 7 in progress, 41 things to go.

Anything that is in progress will be italicized and anything that has been completed will be marked in bold – wish me luck!

Learning, Creative and Random Things

1. Be part of a flash mob

2. Complete a photography project from sh1ft.org

3. Take a cooking class of any kind
(Took a Bread Baking Class at Sur La Table on 1/11/14)

4. Have at least 50 followers on my tumblr (emilieduncan.tumblr.com) (35/50)

5. Take one picture every day for a year (220/365)

6. Write an update in Day One at least 300 days in a year (0/300)

7. Create yearbooks for 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. (4/4)
(2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 – Done!)

8. Learn to play chess

9. Knit a scarf or hat
(Made a very cute and cozy scarf – finished January 8, 2014)

10. Solve a Rubik’s Cube
(Completed – with help from this site – January 7, 2014)

11. Take trapeze lessons

12. Find a four leaf clover

Travel Things

13. Visit Scotland again

14. Visit a country I have never visited

15. Watch the sunrise from the top of a mountain

16. See the Northern Lights

17. See the Grand Canyon again

18. Take a ride on the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls

19. Visit Walt Disney World again
(Spent a lovely 6 days there in Feb/March 2015!)

20. Visit the old Ohio State Reformatory

21. Go on the zip line at The Wilds
(Super fun trip July of 2015)

22. Play in the ocean
(Played in the Atlantic July 2014)

23. Visit the White House
(Saw the East AND West Wings in October 2015)

24. Go spelunking
(Visited the Ohio Caverns March 2015)

25. Visit Platform 9 3/4

26. Stay in a yurt at The Wilds
(Amazing trip in July 2015 – highly recommend!)

27. Visit the Biltmore Estate again
(Spent Spring Break 2016 exploring the Biltmore!)

28. Take the Queen City Underground Tour in Cincinnati

Ellie and Abby Things

29. Get Ellie and Abby their passports

30. Transfer old home videos to digital
(Done March 2015 with HUGE thanks to Brian at True Video!)

31. Finish Abby’s baby book

32. Take the girls snow tubing

33. Take the girls to Blooms and Butterflies at FPC
(Visited Spring Break 2015)

34. Take the girls to a National Park
(Done on the trip to Washington, DC)

35. Fly a kite with the girls
(Done at the Family Reunion 2014)

36. Camp in the backyard with the girls
(Done August 2015)

37. Make a gingerbread house with the girls
(Done Christmas 2014)

38. Attend the Circleville Pumpkin Festival

39. Build a snowman with Ellie and Abby
(Made a mini Olaf during the first snowfall of 2014/2015 winter)

40. Visit Columbus Museum of Art with the girls
(Spent the morning at CMA on March 23, 2014)

41. Take the girls to the Planetarium at COSI
(Saw One World, One Sky in May, 2015)

Sports and Fitness Things

42. Attend a college sporting event
(Watched MSU lose a tough hockey match to OSU 3 to 5 on January 10, 2014)

43. Go curling

44. Attend a Blue Jackets game

45. Attend a Columbus Clippers game

46. Walk the equivalent of Columbus to Disney World
(980/980 miles as of 01/01/16)

Movie and Music Things

47. Attend a movie solo
(Saw Divergent, April 2014)

48. Attend a local high school play
(Saw Beauty and the Beast at Olentangy Liberty HS in March 2015)

49. Attend 3 concerts (2/3)
(Jimmy Buffet in Cincy, June 2015; Adele in Chicago, July 2016)

50. See a Broadway show I have never seen – either on Broadway or the traveling version.
(Book of Mormon – May 2014. LOVED it!)

51. Attend a BalletMet performance
(Took Ellie to see BalletMet’s Alice In Wonderland 2/9/14 – beautiful!)

For Others Things

52. Pay for the car behind me in a drive thru
(Done November 2015 – Love doing this!)

53. Put change into expired meters on the street

54. Help with a Habitat for Humanity build

55. Send a note to an author whose work inspires me

56. Donate $2 to charity for every item not completed by day 1001

57. Volunteer at Delaware County Humane Society

58. Donate blood at least 8 times (4/8)
(1/11/14, 9/12/14, 1/16/15, 1/30/16)

59. Send a care package to a soldier in Iraq

60. Ask to speak to the manager to compliment one of their employees for great service
(Whole Foods in Dublin has GREAT service! 4.1.14)

61. Make comments on 20 blogs I have never left comments on (0/20)

62. Make a donation to Kiva.org
(Reinvested previous repayments and added a bit more – January 8, 2014)

63. Leave 5 Operation Beautiful notes (0/5)

64. Buy toys for Firefighter’s For Kids for Christmas in 2014 and 2015 
(2014 and 2015 done!)

65.  Drop flowers off at a nursing home for someone who has no visitors
(Done! Weddings make this one easy!)

Finance Things

66. Update will and power of attorneys.

67. Buy stock in a company that I believe in

68. Build up a 6 month emergency fund in savings

House and Organization Things

69. Remodel our kitchen

70. Put things in the safe deposit box.
(Finally done November 2015 – only took 8 years.)

71. Purge 100 items from the house – either donate or throw away (100/100)
(Outgrown kids stuff made this easy!)

Food and Drink Things

72. Make a completely local meal
(Love Worthington Farmer’s Market!)

73. Go one week without drinking soda
(Done the last week of March 2014)

74. Host a party of some kind at the house
(Holiday Open House – Christmas 2014)

75. Go apple picking
(Spent a lovely morning at CherryHawk Farms in October 2015)

76. Try oysters

77. Pick 20 of my cookbooks – make one recipe from each (16/20)

78. Try 5 new-to-me food trucks/carts (5/5)
(Gotta love food truck festivals!)

79. Make fresh pasta

80. Go vegetarian for 3 full days in a row
(Done January 4/5/6, 2014!)

81. Bake a loaf of bread without a bread machine
(Completed January 16, 2014!)

82. Visit 30 new local-to-Columbus restaurants (30/30)
(Wurst Und Bier, Flip Side, Hass, Yabo’s Tacos, Carsonie’s, South of Lane, Johnnie’s Tavern, Rita’s, Skyward Grille, Handel’s, Crafty Pint, Kraft House No. 5, Mi Cerrito, Son of Thurman, Greek Express,  Smashburger, Prohibition, Acre, Tanuki, The Whitney House, Azteca Grill, La Rosa’s, Carlucci’s Pizza, Bibibop, Mia Cucina, Mojo To Go, Moe’s, Spaghetti Warehouse, Cucinova, Wingstop)

Emilie Duncan Event Planning Things

83. Launch new website
(May 6, 2014!)

84. Have new head shots taken

85. Attend at least 2 business or wedding related conferences (0/2)

86. Be quoted in or have weddings in at least 3 magazine, TV or newspaper pieces (3/3)
(Columbus Dispatch – 6/2014, The Knot Ohio – Winter 2015, Columbus Dispatch – 2/2015)

87. Produce Cakes for a Cause in 2014, 2015 and 2016 (2/3)
(2014 raised $9500, 2015 raised $9000)

88. Plan a wedding in a location I have not worked at in the past
(Andrea and Andrew at Highline Car House on 4/26/14)

89. Host 2 workshops for Wedding Skills Workshop (0/2)

90. Create reception venue database
(Done Summer 2015)

91. Create ceremony venue database
(Done Summer 2015)

92. Submit another wedding to Style Me Pretty

93. Update and reprint EDEP portfolio with new weddings
(2 new beautiful portfolio books arrived July 2014)

Pet Things

94. Adopt a new dog
(Hazel came to live with us – September, 2016)

For Me Things

95. Send a secret to Postsecret.com

96. Lose 20 pounds (10/20)

97. Find the perfect little black dress
(Found – at Target of all places!)

98. Read 30 books in a year (30/30)

99. Take the Twilight Tour at the Columbus Zoo
(Done May 2014 – AMAZING!)

100. Take a tour with Columbus Food Adventures
(August 2016 – Yum!)

101. Get to the top of the rock wall at the gym

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