101 Things – Round 3

101 Things in 1001 Days – Round 3!

Official start date: January 1, 2011

Official end date: September 28, 2013

Official progress report: 50 completed, 6 in progress, 45 things to go.

Anything that is in progress will be italicized and anything that has been completed will be marked in bold – wish me luck!

Learning, Creative and Random Things

1. Take a class on glass blowing and make a blown glass ornament
(Took a class at Glass Axis January 2012 – so much fun!!)

2. Complete a DITL project from sh1ft.org

3. Take a dance class of any kind
(done August 2012)

4. Have at least 50 followers on my personal blog (emilieduncan.tumblr.com) (9/50)

5. Build a project from ana-white.com

6. Renew my CPR/AED certificate
(Renewed through the Red Cross on December 6, 2011!)

7. Learn to make jam or jelly
(Took a class from Rachel at Hounds in the Kitchen Blog)

8. Take a cooking class
(Done August 2011)

9. Knit a scarf or hat

10. Take a photography class
(Took an online course from Photojojo)

11. Complete a 26 things project from sh1ft.org
(Done with a twist!)

Travel and Fun Things

12. Visit Scotland again

13. Visit a country I have never visited

14. Watch the sunrise from the top of a mountain

15. Find 3 geocaches (0/3)

16. See the Grand Canyon

17. Take a ride on the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls

18. Visit Walt Disney World again
(Spent September 18-24, 2011 in WDW with the girls and had a great time!)

19. Visit the old (and some say haunted) Ohio State Reformatory

20. Go on the canopy tour zip line in Hocking Hills again
(Went with family on May 30, 2011 – so much fun!)

21. Swim with dolphins

22. Take Abby on her first plane ride
(Flew with both girls to Disney in December 2012 – Abby did great!)

23. Bet $10 on Red in Las Vegas

24. Go camping

25. Hike from Ash Cave to Cedar Falls in the Hocking Hills

Ellie and Abby Things

26. Create a DVD of home videos of the girls

27. Finish Abby’s baby book

28. Create a scavenger hunt for the girls – either for a holiday or birthday or just for the fun of it!

29. Take swim lessons with Abby
(Ongoing December 2012)

30. Take a cooking class with Ellie

31. Take the girls to a National Park

32. Fly a kite with the girls

33. Take the girls to the Cincinnati Aquarium
(Visited on November 19, 2011)

34. Take Ellie puddle stomping
(Took advantage of the 53 degree weather on 1/1/11 and broke in our rain boots!)

35. Write letters to the girls to be given to them when they graduate from high school
(Doing this in the form of “yearbooks” for each year – 2011 done!)

36. Make play dough
(Done July 2012)

37. Build a snowman with Ellie and Abby

Sports and Fitness Things

38. Go to a college football or basketball game

39. Complete the couch to 5k program

Movie and Music Things

40. Watch at least 60 of the movies from the IMDB Top 250 movies of all time list (63/60)
(Lots of oldies but goodies on the list!)

41. See a local high school play

42. Go to a movie solo
(Done November 2011 – cried my eyes out at The Help)

43. Attend the midnight premiere of a movie
(Went full on teenager and saw Breaking Dawn at 11:59 pm on November 17, 2011 with several dear friends!)

44. See a new Broadway show I have never seen – either on Broadway, the traveling version or local.
(Saw Avenue Q in April 2013 – so wrong but SO funny!)

For Others Things

45. Pay for the car behind me in a drive thru
(Done on Christmas Eve 2012!)

46. Put change into expired meters on the street

47. Put 3 anonymous, happy notes into books at the library or bookstore (3/3)
(Done September 2012!)

48. Participate in one Race for the Cure each year (0/3)
(Have decided not to do this one)

49. Send a note to an author whose work inspires me

50. Donate $2 to charity for every item not completed by day 1001

51. Leave a 100% tip for excellent service in a restaurant

52. Donate blood
(Donated at my husband’s work blood drive November 2011 – even got a cookie!)

53. Send a care package to a soldier in Iraq

54. Ask to speak to the manager to compliment one of their employees for great service

55. ‘Pounce’ on an undiscovered shop on Etsy and be their first sale
(Bought a cute pin from Jannanana to wear to Cakes for a Cause 2011.)

56. Make comments on 20 blogs I have never left comments on (20/20)
(Pintrest made this SO easy!)

57. Make a donation to Kiva.org
(Contributed to Tererse’s loan on 1.12.11 – she owns a flower shop in Israel)

58. Leave 5 Operation Beautiful notes (1/5)

59. Donate 100,000 grains of rice through freerice.com (56,000/100,000)

60. Buy toys for Firefighter’s For Kids for Christmas
(Done Christmas 2011, 2012 and 2013 – Ellie helped pick out all kinds of toys for other kids)

61. Drop flowers off at a nursing home and ask them to give them to someone who has no visitors

Finance Things

62. Update will and power of attorneys.

63. Buy a DSLR camera
(Bought a Nikon 3100D in April 2011)

64. Buy stock in a company that I believe in

65. Build up a 6 month emergency fund in savings

66. Create a Household Binder
(Done August 2012)

67. Have my engagement ring appraised so insurance is up to date
(Done October 2011)

House and Organization Things

68. Reorganize files

69. Put things in the safe deposit box.

70. Purge 100 items from the house – either donate or throw away (100/100)
(Completed June 2011)

Food and Drink Things

71. Make a completely local meal
(Done summer 2012)

72. Go one week without drinking soda
(Done last week of July 2012)

73. Host a dinner party, cocktail party or backyard barbecue
(Housewarming Party/Holiday Open House – Dec 2013)

74. Go apple picking
(Went Sept 2011 at Lynd’s Fruit Farm)

75. Throw all of the world’s countries in a hat and pick 5 – learn to make a dish from those countries (2/5)
(Nauru – Mango Papaya Sorbet, Japan – Tonkatsu, Seychelles, France, Brazil)

76. Learn to make tortillas from scratch
(Oh my gosh, so good! Done November 2011)

77. Try 5 different food carts/trucks in Columbus (5/5)
(Sweet Carrot, Mikey’s Late Night Slice, Pitabilities, Ajumama, Mojo Taco)

78. Make homemade ice cream
(Love, love, love Jeni’s book!)

79. Go vegetarian for 2 days

80. Bake a loaf of bread without a bread machine

81. Visit 6 new restaurants (6/6)
(Gooseneck Tavern, Piada, Third and Hollywood, Tip Top Kitchen, Matt the Miller’s Tavern, Liberty Tavern)

Emilie Duncan Event Planning Things

82. Launch new website
(Launched on November 17, 2011!)

83. Have new head shots taken
(Completed February 2011!)

84. Attend at least 2 business or wedding related conferences (2/2)
(Attended Eventology 2011 and The Special Event 2013)

85. Be quoted in at least 3 magazine, TV or newspaper articles (3/3)
(Quoted in the Premiere Issue of Capital Style Bride – 2011, 614 Magazine – June 2011, Quoted in the Spring 2012 issue of Capital Style Bride)

86. Produce Cakes for a Cause in 2011, 2012 and 2013 (3/3)
(CFAC 2011 raised $8752, CFAC 2012 raised enough to feed 24 people for a year, CFAC 2013 raised nearly $10,000)

87. Plan a wedding in a location I have not worked at in the past
(Done multiple times in 2011, 2012 and 2013!)

88. Host 3 workshops for Wedding Skills Workshop (2/3)
(Flower Rescue in April 2011 and Attire Rescue in May 2011)

89. Plan and coordinate another destination wedding

90. Create floor plan templates for 10 Columbus venues for future use (10/10)
(Darby House, CMA, Athletic Club, Westin, Ohio Statehouse, Renaissance Hotel – rooftop and ballroom, Camp Mary Orton, Creekside, Due Amici)

91. Complete Vendor Conversations with Dress Shops
(Done December 2011!)

92. Submit a wedding to Style Me Pretty
(Submitted a gorgeous August 2012 wedding in February 2013)

93. Create an editorial calendar for ‘Wedding Planner Unveiled’

94. Update and reprint EDEP portfolio with 2010 weddings
(Printed a new portfolio March 2011)

Truman Things

95. Take Truman the Dog swimming

96. Adopt another dog to keep Truman the Dog company

For Me Things

97. Send a secret to Postsecret.com

98. Lose 20 pounds
(And then some – December 2012)

99. Find the perfect little black dress

100. Read 30 books in a year (30/30)
(Done plus more – August 2011)

101. Have a Reiki treatment
(Done July 2013)

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