101 Things Update: 26 Things

I am about a third of the way through my 3rd round of 101 Things in 1001 Days. So far I have 20 items completed and 10 items in progress – just 71 left to go!

I decided to put a small twist on one of the items – #11 complete a 26 Things list from sh1ft.org.  Instead of taking new pictures as they suggest, I have gone through pictures from my past weddings and picked one for each item.  I am going to try do the most recent list with pictures I take over on my personal blog (craftbinge.com).

To see the pictures, click below!

A little note: I think that most of my choices fit their item pretty obviously but a few needed some explaining so I have added additional info to those.

1. Tall

2. Amazing {This was the first time Aimee saw the tent and she kept repeating how amazing everything looked!}

3. Round

4. Hidden

5. Green

6. An animal

7. Dirty {This was a rather dirty trick on Rachel’s part – Travis fed her cake first and was well behaved!}

8. Early {The groom arrived early for pictures so he killed time reading the paper.}

9. Weather

10. An arrow

11. Curve

12. Tomorrow {That little card invited the guests to the brunch the following morning…tomorrow when this was taken.}

13. Inside {This WAS to be an outdoor wedding that we moved inside due to three days of rain and flooding!}

14. A ceiling

15. Watch out!  {You have to be really careful around champagne wielding bridesmaids!}

16. Key

17. Reflection

18. Track

19. Framed

20. Busy {Pretty typical example of multi-tasking on a wedding day which is always busy!}

21. Strange {Funny and strange all at once – the geese got a little to0 close to pictures so the groom scared them off!}

22. Upside down

23. Spots

24. Shoes

25. Weathered

26. Sunday morning  {New Year’s Eve wedding which fell on a Saturday so this picture was taken at 12:00 am on Sunday morning!}

And that makes 21 items done!  Wow – that was harder than you might think!  It was also a lot of fun and I would encourage any wedding planner or photographer to give it a try using shots from past weddings.

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