101 Things Update

It has been shamefully long since I updated my 101 Things in 1001 Days list and I am happy to say that I have made some pretty good progress lately!

29. Teach Ellie sign language
Ellie and I took a sign language class at the Elizabeth Blackwell Center. I have been lax at keeping it up with her but it was still quite fun!

46. Participate in one Race for the Cure Walk each year (1/3)
Okay, so I cheated a little and “Slept in for the Cure” but it still counts in my book!

64. Make Limoncello
I did but honestly, I am not sure if it turned out as well as it could have. I had an issue with my container – it wasn’t quite big enough once I added the sugar so I had to split it and I think one bottle is sweeter than the others! It also took so long, I doubt I would take the time again.

69. Find a signature dessert
Blackberry Cobbler from The Best Light Recipe – fantastic book with tons of great light recipes that don’t taste light! This cobbler is very rich and super yummy!

73. Visit 6 new restaurants in one year (3/6)
I have recently visited Marcella’s, Northstar and Molly Woo’s.

75. Visit a farmer’s market
Have visited Worthington’s Farmer’s Market several times and joined Wayward Seed’s late season veggie and fruit CSA. Yum yum yum!

76. Have new brochures designed and printed
The ever wonderful Jenny at Seedlings created my new brochures and they will be in my hot little hands any day now!

80. Serve as a board member for ISES Columbus
I am currently serving on the Board of Directors for the first year of a two year term.

99. Read at least 20 books a year (12/20)
What can I say? I read a lot!

All these things bring my total to 10 things done, 3 things in progress, 88 things to go with 825 days remaining. I have a few more things on the horizon to finish this year so hopefully I can be at about 80 things to go very soon!

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