101 Things Update

I have gotten a few things done on my list – I am under 700 days now and have completed a total of 17 items on my list with 2 in progress. That leaves 82 to go!

Some recently completed items:

19. Visit Disneyworld
Randy, Ellie and I visited Mickey and Minnie on December 8 and 9, 2008. It was too, too much fun!

23. Join the Columbus Zoo
Grandma and Grandpa gave us a zoo membership for Christmas 2008.

32. Take Ellie to COSI
We had so much fun, we wound up joining back in October.

70. Cook Thanksgiving dinner
I cooked Thanksgiving 2008 for Randy, Ellie and me.

87. Create an editorial calendar for �Weddings Unveiled��
LOTS of fun stuff coming up for 2009.

98. VOTE in the ’08 Presidential Election.
Ellie went with me and got to wear my sticker after we finished.

99. Read at least 20 books a year (20/20)
Actually read way more than 20, might have to up this for next time.

That is it for now – watch for another update in a few weeks. I have some things in the works so should be able to add at least one or two more check marks!

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