101 Things in 1001 Days – Round 2

I finally got the list posted for my 2nd round of 101 Things in 1001 Days! I am very excited to tackle this list and feel like it is a good mix of different things – both in and out of my comfort zone.

I got a small jump start on the list and already have 3 done – only 98 to go.

24. Take Ellie on her first plane ride
We flew to Arizona on March 1 and home on March 8 – she was a great flyer and her ears really didn’t seem to bother her during take off or landing. She flirted with all the other passengers and slept like a rockstar most of the flights. It was a great first trip!

30. Start Ellie in swim lessons so she isn’t scared of water
Ellie and I have been taking swim classes at the Dublin Recreation Center – Darling Ducklings. Lots of singing, splashing around and generally having a lovely time getting used to the water. She also went all the way underwater and did great – she might take after her mama on this one!

12. Buy a Wii
Still setting this up but everyone I know who has one LOVES it! Boxing should be a good way to get some stress out. 🙂

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