Hi there!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  I am Emilie, owner of Emilie Duncan Event Planning and author of this blog.  That's me over there with one of my wonderful brides, Kristin - she's the gorgeous one on the left!  I thought the best way to introduce myself was to share a few random things about me.  I am:

  • Happily married to and madly in love with my husband, Randy.
  • Mom to Ellie and Abby, the most beautiful little girls in the world.
  • Mom to Hazel, the cutest mutt with the best ears ever.
  • A Spartan Alum living in Buckeye land.
  • Obsessed with details and a HUGE fan of lists.
  • A huge fan of great photographers, beautiful flowers and pretty dresses.
  • Kris and Ed's only child.
  • A voracious reader.
  • Left-handed and right brained.
  • Still in possession of my favorite childhood stuffed animal, a dog named Cinnamon.
  • A bit of a social media addict - FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest to name a few.
  • Emotional - I still cry at least a little bit at each and every wedding.
  • A hugger - when we meet, expect a hug or feel free to request one!
  • TRULY honored to be a part of each and every wedding I plan and coordinate!

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2018!

December 31st, 2017

Well, I can admit that my promise to keep my blog better updated fell completely and absolutely flat.  Whoops…life and actually planning and coordinating the weddings seems to get in the way of blogging but I promise to do my best (or assign an assistant to do hers)!  But, let’s be honest and not hold our collective breath!

2017 was a great year for EDEP weddings – tons of pretty, lots of fun and some truly amazing couples!  We were honored to have been part of each and every wedding and had a great time along the way.  We will kick off 2018 with a busy April so make sure to check out the EDEP Instagram account as that is one place we actually DO keep updated!

On to the highlights:

*Stephanie and Brett kicked off our wedding season at Columbus Museum of Art on March 11.  We had so much fun with these two Chicago Cubs fans – their guestbook was even the W flag!  They had a beautiful Jewish ceremony in Derby Court and then we moved to the new wing of the museum for the party.  Congrats to the couple who will welcome a third Cub’s fan to the family right around their anniversary – quite the way to celebrate!

Image thanks to Simon Yao

*Simone and Eric were married at First Congregational Church on May 6 with a reception at High Line Car House. Simone’s mother is from Mexico and we had some amazing touches including traditional food and a hand painted backdrop made to look like a fountain in a Mexican plaza behind the cake.

Image thanks to Chris Keels

They were also kind enough to leave me a lovely review: “Emilie is absolutely wonderful to work with! She helped me plan my wedding from start to finish and made it feel so effortless. She was very easily able to understand my visions/ideas and gave me suggestions when needed. By far the best thing about Emilie is her persona and calming demeanor. She is bubbly and easy to talk to and handles organization/stress like I wouldn’t know how!! I believe Emilie is a big reason why our wedding day came out so wonderful like it did! Thank you Emilie!! :)”

*We were back at Columbus Museum of Art on May 13 with John and Aidan. The gorgeous ceremony was presided over by John’s father with not a dry eye in the house.  They flew in a band from Chicago to perform and had the dance floor PACKED all night! I mean how handsome and dapper were these two?

Image thanks to Nicole Dixon

I received this awesome review from John (he really was fun, I swear!): “Admittedly, as a Type A, extremely organized/OCD lawyer (don’t I sound fun?) I was skeptical about whether I/we really need a wedding planner. I quickly realized that wedding planning takes on a life of its own and it virtually impossible to do alone and give it the attention to detail warranted.  Emilie was enthusiastically referred to us but multiple people, all of whom have impeccable taste and are equally demanding, and surpassed all of those references.  Emilie is the consummate professional and does her job exceptionally.  From the moment we retained Emilie, our (well mostly mine) anxiety was gone.  First, Emilie is extremely responsive, including on weekends and after business hours, and treats you as if you are her only client.  She quickly understands your needs, expectations, style of communication, and budget and then efficiently, meticulously, and promptly executes each task leaving no detail behind and no question unanswered.  Emilie remains upbeat—not matter how stressed or cranky I was—and always one step ahead of you. Literally because of Emilie,  we were completely relaxed leading up to and during our wedding—allowing us to focus on each other, our family, and friends—because I knew with certainty that Emile had every detail handled.  The result was a flawlessly and tastefully executed celebration that exceeded our lofty expectations.  Hiring Emilie was one of the best decisions we ever made, and we are forever grateful for her work and her partnership.”

*Orchard House B&B in Granville was a new location to us when we were there for Jessica and Zac’s May 20th wedding.  Our rehearsal was actually cancelled by the most atrocious rain storm I have seen in a long time – we were absolutely soaked to the bone trying to get to the house from the tent and it was only about 50 yards!  It cleared up nicely the next day and the ceremony in the pine grove was beautiful for these loves who’ve been together off and on since junior high school. We moved into the tent where the Father of the Bride actually dropped his daughter during the dip right after she told him he was the only one she trusted not to drop her. LOL!  Everyone was okay but it was quite the moment!

Image thanks to Eastlyn Bright

Jess left me a wonderful review: “Emilie is a miracle worker and we can’t thank her enough for everything that she did to make our wedding amazing. We chose Emilie’s “Wedding Month Coordination” service and also consulted with her early on in the process for suggestions and vendor recommendations. Her patience, planning knowledge and network of local vendors helped us make our dream wedding a reality. Even as a thunderstorm rolled through the night before our big day Emilie stayed calm and adjusted plans to make sure we still had our perfect wedding. On the day of the wedding she worked tirelessly to make sure that even the smallest detail was in order and stepped in to roles that were far above and beyond our expectations. With Emilie in charge you can be sure that your wedding will be a beautiful day to remember.”

*We were at High Line Car House again for Natalie and Zach’s wedding on June 11.  I can honestly say, I have never had more fun at a bridal suite than with Natalie – she was literally dancing the whole time.  I have no idea how the stylists got her to sit still for her hair and makeup. Sir Rockwell the dog was their ring bearer (no other bridal party!) and I had to refrain from loving on him just to get Nat down the aisle.  After a lovely Jewish ceremony, Natalie’s dancing continued until the Jeni’s truck showed up and beyond!

Image thanks to Seth and Beth

*Emily and Murugu had the longest wedding I have ever done starting at 7 am with a Hindu ceremony and brunch followed by a break and then a Christian ceremony and reception at 4 pm with dancing until 11 pm.  It was a very full day of lots of color, lots of joy and lots of love – I seriously cannot even sum it up here!  One of my favorite parts was the flash mob that Murugu’s family surprised Emily with – it was amazing!!!

Wonderful review from Emily: “Emilie is everything you could want in a wedding planner. When I first met her I was a quivering heap of nerves with no clue what to do next! She didn’t even flinch at the prospect of my 400-person, Hindu-Christian 2-day ceremony. Emilie is a true professional with obvious experience and invaluable industry connections. And she is obviously not afraid of a challenge! She helped me to get organized, focused, and on schedule. Emilie worked well with all vendors, the venue’s planners and even the overbearing in-laws! On the day of she was calm and collected, and anticipated/thwarted any potential mishaps before I even had a chance to find out about them. She truly made an otherwise terrifying experience rather enjoyable, and I can not thank her enough for the beautiful wedding that she helped us create!”

*Brooke and Mark were married at Scioto Reserve Country Club on July 8 in a beautiful outdoor ceremony on a perfect summer evening – the full moon even made an appearance!  My favorite moment was right before Brooke walked down the aisle – she was so nervous but knowing that she would see Mark soon calmed her down enough to take her dad’s arm and take the walk.  Little did she know how nervous Mark was waiting for her at the end of the aisle!

*Andrea and Steve were married at Holy Cross Church with a reception at The Athletic Club of Columbus on July 15.  I had such a great time planning with Andrea and her mom and we worked so hard to get the perfect design – it was amazing to see it all come together on wedding day!  This couple and their families were so much fun – we had 250 guests who seriously packed the dance floor and would not leave!  I mean, when Conspiracy tells you they’ve NEVER had a party like that before?  You know it was a hell of a night!

Image thanks to Style and Story Creative

*Emily and Kris were married on August 5 at Beverly Mansion in Marengo.  Now an outdoor wedding in August in Ohio is always a crap shoot but we could not have had better weather – it was temperate, sunny but too sunny, zero rain.  I swear, if I could bottle their weather and sell it for other weddings, I would make a fortune!  I planned much of the wedding with Kris because Emily is in her dental residency – they also moved 3 times in the year and a half I worked with them!  The ceremony was under a huge tree with the reception in a tent nearby – the party went until 2 am and I truly cannot remember a groom more excited to see his bride than Kris.

Image thanks to Red Gallery Photography

*All our weddings are personal and special to us but sometimes they’re family – Kirsten was an EDEP intern a few years ago and still comes back to help out from time to time.  When it was her turn to marry her long time love, Aaron, we were honored to help out and happy to get to see her get married after helping so many other couples with us.  As you can see, she was a gorgeous bride and Aaron is a lucky guy because she’s as gorgeous inside as out.

Image thanks to Ashley D Photography

*Brianne and Daren were married at The Loft at Smith Brothers on September 23.  Bri and Daren were supposed to get married last year but realized that they were planning a wedding that wasn’t for them so they scraped all those plans and had a redo.  From the ceremony upstairs with the coolest hanging floral installation to the packed dance floor all night, it was a fantastic day and it was all about them as a couple – couldn’t ask for much more!  Love, love, love these two for making it what THEY wanted!

Image thanks to Erin Cairns Photography

*Jacqueline and Allan were married at Our Lady of Victory with a reception at The Hilton Downtown on October 21 – for those of you who are local, it was the same night as Highball Halloween which made for some interesting people watching outside the hotel!  Jacqueline and Allan were a first for me – they were the first couple I have ever had dance to an instrumental song.  What did they dance to?  All I Ask of You from Phantom of the Opera.

Image thanks to Lux Everlasting

*On the personal side of life, my family had a pretty good year!  We escaped to Disney World and visited Hogwarts for the first time, Ellie grew up too fast, Abby turned 7, we visited Hocking Hills during our surprisingly mild spring, we saw the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon and brought OH-IO to Monument Valley. We explored the Columbus Museum of Art, cuddled with Hazel, appeared on a podcast, volunteered, celebrated Mother’s Day, persisted, bridged to Brownie, said goodbye to 1st and 4th grades.

We explored Chicago, saw Hamilton, danced, went to the Arts Fest, did Harry Potter art, ran some 5Ks, went to Powell Fest and the library.  Went to Potterfest, gave belly rubs, saw friends, explored Toronto and Niagara Falls, went to Bounty on the Bricks and said hello to 2nd and 5th grade.

We went ziplining, loved on Hazel, started drum lessons, Ellie turned 10, had a cancer scare (totally benign), played at Pins, saw School of Rock, visited the zoo, literally ran around the airport runway.  A movie star and flapper went trick or treating, went to JA Biztown, voted, tortured the dog, cuddled, saw Waitress, loved on new friends, saw Santa and had a wonderful Christmas!

Shorter recap: we traveled a bunch, we spent a lot of time as a family, hung out with friends – new and old, loved on Hazel and each other and generally had a really good year!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who passed along our name, sent their friends and family our way and generally showed us a lot of love!  If you or anyone you know is looking for a wedding planner, drop us a line!

Also, make sure to follow @edepweddings on instagram for wedding day pictures from our 2018 weddings!  We do a much, much better job of keeping that updated with lots of pretties and major amounts of love!  In 2018, we’ll be at High Line Car House, Via Vecchia, Burnt Toast Farms, Franklin Park Conservatory and a few more – some old favorites and a few new-to-us locations that we can’t wait to visit!

Happy New Year from my family to yours and as always, I hope that 2018 brings you more openness, health, healing, happiness, success, security, comfort, compassion and love than you could ever need!

101 Things in 1001 Days – Round 5

January 2nd, 2017

What’s my New Year’s resolution?  I actually don’t make those but let me explain why!

A loooong time ago (hello 2005!), I stumbled upon the Day Zero Project.  It challenged people to create lists of 101 things that they would like to accomplish in the next 1001 days.  Not a bucket list really…not a list of resolutions…something with a lot more meat and a lot more time to complete.  The things had to be definable, realistic but still a stretch.

Fast forward 12 years and I have completed 4 rounds of 101 Things, checking off more items each time.  Round 1, I completed 34 items.  Round 2 and round 3, I completed 50 items each.  Round 4 just wrapped up in September and I completed 53 items.

So, here goes Round 5 of 101 Things in 1001 Days.  My goal this time around is to finish even more – fairly certain I won’t get all of them checked off simply because I always include lots and lots of travel in my lists but I will certainly try!

So what’s on my list? Lots of new items, some old items, items I completed last time around and items I didn’t finish.  Click over to see them all but here are a few of my favorites:

2. Be a guest on a podcast

4. Participate in a bar trivia night

11. Do a DNA test to learn more about my ancestry

13. Learn to say ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’ in 10 different languages (0/10)

19. See the Grand Canyon again

21. Visit Walt Disney World again

37. Take the girls to a Broadway show in NYC

47. Walk/Run an average of one 5K per month for a year

51. See a Broadway show I have never seen – either on Broadway or the traveling version.

58. Take the girls to read to the dogs at the shelter

62. Volunteer at least 1 time a month for a year (0/12)

63. Cut my hair and donate it to Locks of Love

64. Send 25 hand written thank you notes (0/25)

68. Buy stock in a company that I believe in

71. Remodel the basement

75. Grow a small indoor herb garden

76. Learn to make 10 classic cocktails

78. Make 15 new recipes from Pinterest (0/15)

82. Visit 30 new-to-me Columbus restaurants (0/30)

87. Create a styled shoot

88. Plan a wedding in a location I have not worked at in the past

94. Take an aerial silks class

97. Reread the Harry Potter series

98. Read 75 books (0/75)

100. Get another tattoo

Ever done anything like this before?  I’d love to see your list and if you see anything on mine that you might be able to help me with – drop me a line!  I’d welcome the help!

Happy New Year! Welcome 2017!

January 1st, 2017

My poor, poor blog.  I have neglected you so…here’s to hoping 2017 is a better year for my blogging habit at the very least!  I will try to do a better job of updating on the regular and sharing all the amazing couples we get to work with more often than just in my year end recap – no promises but I will do my best to try!

We had a slow year this year – by design – fewer weddings and more personal time.  I wanted more time over the summer with my kids, I wanted to see my daughter’s first dance recital and to have birthdays off – so I took a little breather after 12 years in business.  I turned down weddings, I took the summer off and it was pretty great! We were busy but not overloaded and as a result, I am refreshed and ready for a fantastic 2017 season that kicks off in March!  So, now onto the recap!

*We kicked off the season on April 30 with Lucy and Kyle’s wedding at The Athletic Club of Columbus – one of our favorite venues!  DePauw University grads and very obviously best friends – these two had a perfectly preppy wedding complete with tons of dancing and even a tribute to Marvin’s (apparently DePauw folks will get that one right away!).

*Lilian and Nick were married at Brookside Farms in NE Ohio on May 13 under an arbor that was draped with prayer flags their friends and family had decorated for them.  From their sweet ceremony, the vegan meal and rocking swing band, everything about this wedding was completely and totally them!  Junebug Weddings published this wedding and has tons more pictures over there if you want to take a peek!

 (Thanks to Gina and Ryan Photography)

*June 18 found us at Camp Mary Orton with Jenna and Joe for their rustic wedding.  It was a lovely day for an outside ceremony for this couple who met in the Army while on deployment.  This wedding party and their friends and families knew how to party – who needs a champagne toast when you have multiple liters of Fireball?

 (Thanks to Emma Parker Photography)

*After a wonderful summer ‘off,’ we picked right back up with Christine and Dana’s sweet backyard wedding at Dana’s families house on September 3.  Another military couple (this time Air Force) who met while on active duty out west.  Two brides, two gowns, two dinosaur figures on top of the cake and a ton of love made for one beautiful wedding!

(Thanks to ENV Photography)

*September 10 was Jean and Doug’s wedding at Scioto Country Club.  Jean is from Columbus but met Doug in NYC where they live.  We were all extremely grateful they chose a church ceremony and not the outdoor one originally planned as a huge storm rolled in just as the guests were arriving at the club.  I will say the incoming rain and wind made for killer pictures!

(Thanks to Red Gallery Photography)

*Erin and Drew were married on October 8 at High Line Car House.  I loved that they wrote their own vows but only shared them with each other in letters – they did different vows at the ceremony.  Another NYC couple (although they met in Ohio and moved there together), we did a New York style reception with dancing before dinner and between courses – that dance floor was never empty!  It was so much fun to watch!

(Thanks to Little Tree Studios)

*October 22 found us celebrating Caroline and John’s wedding at the Columbus Art Museum.  They were married in front of a backdrop of hanging flowers (ask me about the fishing line someday) and then danced the night away.  World travelers (seriously – they did an around the world trip together!), they named their tables after airports, and their favors – Ghirardelli chocolate from their current town, Pocky Sticks from their honeymoon – were a nod to their love of travel as well.

(Thanks to Two Maries)

*We wrapped up the year with Kellie and Jeff on October 29 at Copious.  This wedding was an especially special one as I have known these families since I planned Kellie’s brother’s wedding way back in 2009.  It was wonderful to work with her family again and catch up with many former couples.  Kellie and Jeff’s wedding was a huge party and kicked off with one of my favorite toasts of the year from his twin sister, Abby.  It was a wonderful way to end a great wedding season!

(Thanks to FM Photo)

*On the personal side, I’ll use instagram as my guide once again and give a one paragraph recap of a really busy year: Ellie got her retainer, we saw some plays, the girls started swim lessons, I ran away to Inn at Honey Run for a weekend, we had tea at the American Girl Doll store, Ellie made it to the top of the rock wall and we took a cooking class together, boozey cereal is wonderful, Abby turned 6, I performed the marriage ceremony of  two friends in my backyard, we spent spring break at the Biltmore in Asheville and drinking moonshine in Gatlinburg, we visited Nora the polar bear a bunch of times, Ellie had her first ballet recital, I held a baby kangaroo, we slayed our summer bucket list including hitting all 10 Jeni’s Ice Cream locations in Columbus, the girls were in The Lorax at the Columbus Arts Fest, we watched fireworks from LaVeque Tower, went to Zoombezi Bay, I did my first 5K, saw Adele in Chicago for my birthday, we adopted Hazel the dog (she’s awesome), Ellie turned 9 and we went to the Wizard’s Gathering, painted the house, I did a few more 5Ks, a 50’s Girl and Hermoine Granger came for Halloween, we spent Thanksgiving in NYC going full tourist, we did some good in December, celebrated Christmas with lots of American Girl doll things and wrapped up the year with our traditional visit to Jeni’s and watching the game.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who passed along our name, sent their friends and family our way and generally showed us a lot of love!  If you or anyone you know is looking for a wedding planner, drop us a line!

Also, make sure to follow @edepweddings on instagram for wedding day pictures from our 2017 weddings!  We do a much, much better job of keeping that updated with lots of pretties and major amounts of love!  We’ll be at The Athletic Club of ColumbusThe Loft at Dock580, Columbus Museum of ArtHigh Line Car House, Orchard House Bed and Breakfast and a few more – lots of old favorites and a few new-to-us locations that we can’t wait to visit!

Happy New Year from my family to yours and as always, I hope that 2017 brings you more health, healing, happiness, success, security, comfort, compassion and love than you could ever need!

#FieldTripFriday – Glenn Avenue Soap Company

March 11th, 2016

Excited to introduce a brand new semi-regular series that I am calling #FieldTripFriday!  It likely won’t appear every Friday but since we get to visit some pretty wonderful places and meet lots of great people along the way, I thought I would highlight some of our adventures and new friends every once in a while.  If you can think of someplace we should visit or someone we should meet, feel free to drop me a line!



A friend called not long ago and let me know he was working with a local company called Glenn Avenue Soap Company.  All natural products that are actually good for your skin with nature inspired and derived scents?  I was intrigued to say the least! My mom always says that foaming soap is one of the tiny little pleasures in life that should be enjoyed and I am always on the hunt for a yummy foaming soap!

So last week, I spent a delightful hour chatting with Phillip, one half of the couple who owns Glenn Avenue Soap Company.  We talked about the soap making process, different ideas for wedding and event related items and potential events and I even got a tour of their operation.  I also found out that the last time I was at High Line Car House, I used Glenn Avenue Soap – same thing with Wolf’s Ridge Brewing and a few other places around town!

My brain seems to always be trying to find ways that places and items can fit into weddings and I found some really cute stuff at Glenn Ave – they’ve got your groomsmen, bridesmaids, guests and even shower hostesses covered!

This display caught my eye immediately!  Cap City Suds is their line of bar soaps made from beer (the refined water is replaced with beer in these soaps) from local breweries like Seventh Son, Four String, Wolf’s Ridge and Zaubers.  They don’t smell like beer (although I am sure that would have been a selling point to some people) but the beer itself gives the soap their color – they scent each one differently.  Grab a few beer soaps plus a growler and gift certificate for a fill or two from the Ohio Tap Room.  Groomsmen gifts – done!

2016-03-03 14.03.47

We are always on the hunt for fun, local items to include in the hotel welcome bags.  These mini soap foamers caught my eye – I happen to have unnatural hatred for hotel bar soap, it always just feels awful to me and dries my skin out completely so foaming soap would be a welcome surprise in that little bag!  You can pick your scents and they’ll fill them for you but I am pretty sure if you asked really nicely, they might let you help a little too.  Welcome bags – done!

2016-03-03 14.04.21

Glenn Avenue does more than soap – they’ve launched a skin care line as well.  The Herbal Mist Foaming Face Wash smells absolutely wonderful!  The line also includes Exfoliating Grains, the Balancing Toner and Facial Serum + Moisturizer.  Put the together in a basket with some bath bombs and body lotion for a super cute, pampering and delightfully useful gift!  Bridesmaids gifts – done!

2016-03-03 14.03.55

I mentioned my love for foaming soap so this was my favorite spot in the shop!  Lavender Pine, Lemon Basil, Berry Lemonade and Bandit’s Oil were a few of my favorite scents – I currently have Bandit’s Oil next to my kitchen sink right now which is especially great since the flu is going around my neighborhood right now.

2016-03-03 14.04.17

Their bar soaps also smell super yummy!  I am not a bar soap kind of girl but there is a pomegranate exfoliating version that even I might be talked into trying.  A few bottles of foaming hand soap, some bars of soap and maybe a bottle of lotion.  Hostess gifts – done!

2016-03-03 14.04.08

I had a great time visiting with Phillip and poking around Glenn Avenue Soap Company on my field trip – hope this gave you some ideas and maybe will inspire you to go visit as well!  They have lots of fun things in the works and the sign on their door is totally right – it DOES smell amazing inside!

Natalie + Brian: 08.08.15

March 9th, 2016

If my memory serves me, I believe that Natalie and Brian found me through several former clients – Natalie is a grad of the same school as many of my past clients!

Natalie + Brian: 08.08.15

Vendor Team:
Wedding Planning – Emilie Duncan Event Planning
Ceremony Venue – Holy Cross Catholic Church
Reception Venue – High Line Car House
Catering – Two Caterers
Photography – Rosey Red Photography
Videography – Little Tree Studios
Florals – Rose Bredl
Cake – Cake Studio
Reception Entertainment – Mojo Flo
Photobooth – Columbus Photobooth Company
Transportation – Urban Express
Rentals – Event Source

Natalie and Brian are both from Columbus but had to go all the way to NYC to meet!  They met at a party, talked for 2 minutes at the most but to hear Brian’s best friend tell it (which you can in the video at the bottom of the post) Brian was pretty much head over heels from the get go.

Natalie and her bridesmaids got ready at her parent’s home before heading to the church to get dressed. We loved her dress and the sheer capelet she wore for the ceremony – the whole effect was so classic and elegant…very fitting for this amazing bride in particular.

When I first met with Natalie and her mom, she showed me a picture of an amazing floral installation that she was determined to recreate – inverted tulips hanging from the ceiling.  Natalie’s father created the structure that would hang from the ceiling.  She hired Rose Bredl to take on the challenge and they killed it!  This piece was absolutely jaw dropping and exactly what Natalie had envisioned.  It also took a really long time to create – I think the designer was on the ladder for something like 3 hours to get it perfect!  #worthit

The rest of the tables were a mix of longs with garlands and candles and rounds with beautiful green and white centerpieces.  Each place setting had a sprig of rosemary on it as well.  We also loved the naked cake from The Cake Studio which is perfectly on trend and was gorgeous.

Mojo Flo packed the dance floor but it could be said they had a few ringers since Natalie is a former professional dancer and many of her friends from part companies were also in attendance!  The always delicious Sweet Carrot Truck stopped by later in the evening, much to the guest’s delight.

It was a wonderful evening and we were honored to have been part of it!  Thanks to Rosey Red for the gorgeous pictures!






RRP-69  RRP-70


RRP-75  RRP-78









Reception-34  Reception-21

Reception-9  Reception-23




Special thanks to Little Tree Studios for the gorgeous video – enjoy!!

Adrienne + Ken: 08.01.15

March 2nd, 2016

We took a few weeks off but we are back at it with our 2015 wedding recaps.  Forgive the delay – we had a busy February!

Adrienne and Ken came to me from a recommendation by their florist, Hilliard Floral.

Adrienne + Ken: 08.01.15

Vendor Team:
Wedding Planning – Emilie Duncan Event Planning
Ceremony & Reception Venue – Private Home
Officiant – Chase Waits – Columbus Wedding Officiants
Photography – Kimberly Potterf
Videography – True Video
Florals – Hilliard Floral
Cake – Short North Piece of Cake
Reception Entertainment – Premier Entertainment
Sushi – Tanuki
Catering – Recipe Express
Rentals – Lasting Impressions

Adrienne and Ken wanted to get married at their new home – their very new home!  The first time I met with them at the house, everything was still very much under construction.  Thankfully, by the time August 1st rolled around, everything was gorgeous and ready to go!

We held the ceremony on the driveway in front of a beautiful arch of flowers.  Adrienne and Ken had their children as their bridal party but one of Adrienne’s sons was deployed for training in ROTC.  Brian from True Video saved the day and was able to basically live broadcast the ceremony to him.  He was able to see and hear the whole thing from a thousand miles away and able to talk to the couple right after the ceremony – something that made the bride very, very happy!

As a side note, I hear a lot of vows and witness a lot of ceremonies but rarely do they move me as much as Ken’s vows to Adrienne.  Full on ugly cry from this wedding planner!

After the ceremony, guests walked through a portico to the cocktail and reception area on the other side of the driveway.  The guests were seated for dinner in a big white tent with the dance floor in front of the main garage.  The rest of the night was food, cigars, drinks, lots of dancing, and a gorgeous moon glowing down on a happy couple and their friends and family.  It was a beautiful day and evening!

Thanks to Adrienne and Ken for letting us be a part of the day and thanks to Kimberly Potterf for sharing the beautiful pictures!



binewedding_0009  binewedding_0010






binewedding_0034  binewedding_0038

binewedding_0357  binewedding_0351



binewedding_0536  binewedding_0373



Amy + Jon: 07.18.15

February 10th, 2016

Amy and Jon found me from a past couple – Andrea and Andrew.  Amy and Andrea worked together at Children’s Hospital.

Amy + Jon: 07.18.15

Vendor Team:
Wedding Planning – Emilie Duncan Event Planning
Ceremony & Reception Venue – High Line Car House
Photography – Little Tree Studios
Florals – Bloomtastic
Cake – Short North Piece of Cake
Reception Entertainment – Conspiracy Band
Hair & Makeup – Nurtur Salon
Wedding Gown – LuxeRedux
Transportation – Columbus Trolley Company
Rentals – Event Source

Amy and Jon met after they had both established themselves in their careers, physician and lawyer, respectively, but meeting them it seems like they’ve been together much longer.  They’re just really well suited to each other and have the kind of communication I love to see – where so much goes unspoken but nothing ever goes unsaid.

They decided to have an intimate wedding and with their numbers were able to do both the ceremony and reception at the High Line Car House.  Ceremony was in the front half of the building – separated from the reception by the floor to ceiling curtains. Amy had a very specific design in mind for the ceremony backdrop – flowy white curtains and swags of lights that were reminiscent of the lights that hung in their backyard when Jon proposed.  The same swags of lights were also on their invitations.

Jon’s mother is a piano teacher here in Columbus and was able to have a beautiful baby grand piano delivered for the ceremony.  One of her friends played for the ceremony and the cocktail hour and it was lovely!

Amy and Jon wanted to dance so it wasn’t surprising when they hired Conspiracy.  Another no-brainer that they kept the dance floor packed all night – everyone had a great time and we had to kick people out at the end of the night!

As you can see from the pictures, Amy has a phenomenal smile – she does it often and well under normal circumstances so you can imagine how she lit up the room that night!

This was a great way to spend my birthday and it was an honor to be part of this beautiful day!  Huge thanks to the always amazing Little Tree Studios for the pictures!

Amy+Jon-0401  Amy+Jon-0453



Amy+Jon-0603  Amy+Jon-0701







Amy+Jon-1011 Amy+Jon-1013










Caroline + Kenley: 06.20.15

February 3rd, 2016

Caroline and Kenley came to me from a referral from Kathryn, the on-site coordinator at their venue, Wedgewood Country Club!

Caroline + Kenley: 06.20.15

Vendor Team:
Wedding Planning – Emilie Duncan Event Planning
Ceremony & Reception Venue – Wedgewood Country Club
Photography – Nicole Dixon Photographic
Florals – Flowers on Orchard Lane
Cake – Alice’s Piece of Cake
Ceremony Entertainment – Paragon Music
Reception Entertainment – Next Exit
Favors – Emlolly Candy
Hair & Makeup – Charles Penzone
Wedding Gown – White of Dublin

Caroline and Kenley are high school sweethearts and grew up in Powell.  They wanted to be married close to home at her mother’s country club – it was fun to plan a wedding just up the road from my house!

Carolyn was a bride with very classic taste – from the jaw dropping train on her gown to the pink and white palette to the roses and hydrangeas throughout the arrangements.  Carolyn knew what she liked and I’d say she nailed the classic style she loves!

June was crazy rainy in Central Ohio and Carolyn and Kenley’s wedding day was no different.  We had planned for it with lots of tents over the wedding garden at Wedgewood Country Club.  Unfortunately, tents overhead do nothing to keep guests dry when it is raining sideways into the tent!  We made the call to move into the ballroom and have a California style reception.  We created an aisle and set up chairs on the dance floor for the families while the rest of the guests sat at the (unset) tables.  It was a lovely ceremony and the bride actually said she thought it might have been even better than the original plan.

After the ceremony, the rain actually tapered off enough for outdoor pictures with the bridal party.  We flipped the ballroom while the guests enjoyed the cocktail hour.  The reception was a huge party that went until the very late hours of the night with the guests enjoying the band and food and drinks and generally having a fantastic time!

This was the first wedding we have done in the newly remodeled ballroom which is absolutely beautiful!  The wedding garden is another great addition to the property.

It was a pleasure to plan with Carolyn and her mom, Barb – we had a great time planning the wedding.  I know they are all super excited to meet Carolyn and Kenley’s little guy who is due in May of this year!

Huge thank you to Nicole Dixon for the beautiful pictures!




10030  10005






10137  10387

10378 10451



10452  10467



Hallie + Fred: 06.13.15

January 27th, 2016

Hallie’s parents found me organically – online through a search for wedding planners in Columbus.  At the same time, I was recommended to Fred’s mom by a former client, Elisabeth who works with her.  Columbus is a tiny place!

Hallie + Fred: 06.13.15

Vendor Team:
Wedding Planning – Emilie Duncan Event Planning
Ceremony & Reception Venue – Rocky Fork Hunt and Country Club
Photography – Two Maries
Florals – Fiore Fine Flowers
Music – Encore L’Amore
Hair and Makeup – Spa at River Ridge

Hallie and Fred met at summer camp when they were in high school and now live in Colorado.  Her sister lives in North Carolina and owns a flower shop there – Chelsea did all the gorgeous flowers and design for the wedding and you could tell she was designing for a very special client.

Hallie and Fred were supposed to have been married down by a lovely pond on the grounds of Rocky Fork Hunt and Country Club where his family are members.  But…this is Ohio and this was last June!  It actually  looked like we were in the clear and then about an hour before the ceremony, the rain moved in.  Again.

Rather than let the guests get soaked, we moved the ceremony location to under the clear top tent over the pool patio.  Wouldn’t you know that right when Hallie stepped outside to go down the aisle, the sun came out!

Guests had cocktails on the patio and then headed inside for dinner before going back outside for dancing and the very popular s’mores bar!

We have a lot of wedding venues with pools or ponds and a lot of couples say that someone will probably end up going in – this time, they were right.  Hallie changed into a reception dress and not too long after that, everyone – bride, groom, bridal party, various guests and even the mother of the groom – wound up in the pool!  It was entertaining to say the least and I don’t think this wedding could have ended any other way!

If you look at no other pictures, make sure you check out the amazing flower chandelier by Fiore Fina and the expressions in the last picture!

Thank you to Hallie and Fred and their families for allowing us to be a part of it and huge thanks to Two Maries for the gorgeous pictures!

Hallie & Fred Wedding-9

Hallie & Fred Wedding-290  Hallie & Fred Wedding-293

Hallie & Fred Wedding-297  Hallie & Fred Wedding-300

Hallie & Fred Wedding-393

Hallie & Fred Wedding-467

Hallie & Fred Wedding-519

Hallie & Fred Wedding-226small

Hallie & Fred Wedding-241

Hallie & Fred Wedding-607

Hallie & Fred Wedding-717
Hallie & Fred Wedding-735  Hallie & Fred Wedding-741

Hallie & Fred Wedding-744
Hallie & Fred Wedding-745  Hallie & Fred Wedding-748

Hallie & Fred Wedding-752  Hallie & Fred Wedding-751

Hallie & Fred Wedding-861  Hallie & Fred Wedding-869

Hallie & Fred Wedding-882

Hallie & Fred Wedding-1064

Hallie & Fred Wedding-1067

Hallie & Fred Wedding-1026

Hallie & Fred Wedding-1087

LuxeRedux Sample Sale!

January 24th, 2016

Our friends over at LuxeRedux sent over a little note about their upcoming Sample Sale and asked us to share.  If you are still in the market for a gown, this is a great way to get a gorgeous gown at a really pretty price!  It is first come, first serve so I would suggest heading down to Worthington early to get in line and bring a Yeti of coffee or hot chocolate with you!

Where: 689 High Street, Worthington, OH
When: January 31, 12 pm to 4 pm

Luxe Redux Bridal Sample Sale